new project: embedly

What a week.  We officially moved into our new home in Gloucester.  While we moved on Wednesday, we have only spent two nights here.  Like I said, it's been a busy week.  Both the boy and I were out of town this weekend, though on separate coasts.  I returned home after a long weekend to our home full of boxes and bags.  But it was still nice...  I think we will like it here. 

But enough of that...  how are you?  I feel like it's been so long since I've had the time to sit down and write a post.  We are still here, plugging along and have some exciting things in the pipeline including new products, expos and big sales.  It will be an exciting spring so keep watching! 

Today we wanted to (finally) share a recent project we did featuring the Loft Palette from the Home Collection.  My camera died on me when I got there to take photos, so these were taken with my phone.  I'll get back this week with my real camera to take some better photos, but this will give you idea. 

We had the opportunity to work with the wonderful guys over at Embedly on their new office space.  These guys run a very cool company and have been operating out of shared space for the past 2 years.  With a brand new space to call their own, they were beyond excited.  Their goal was to change the space from the corporate feel that it had to a more loft like space. They wanted it to be young, hip, fun and functional. 

Here is what the space looked like at the beginning of the process.  They had walls teared down and the carpeting ripped up, so we had a blank canvas to work with which is always exciting. 

We decided on the palette based on their goals and the space's design. 


We chose sidewalk for the main portion of the room and added brickwork in the back area.  It's hard to see in this photo but the ceiling is bumped up in this part of the room and wanted to define the spaces as much as possible.  For the kitchen space we decided to be bold and go with Avenue Q - a masculine purple if there ever was one. 

And here it is painted...  you can see the bump out more clearly here. 


They used the back space as a sitting area and made a couch of used palettes.  We found some great prints online of San Francisco (where their company started) and Boston (where they are now) to hang on the wall above.  There were also adamant about having some antlers in their space, although felt weird about hanging a real set since none of them are hunters... we found that pillow at HomeGoods and it seems to be enough.  For now.  I love the richness of brickwork in this space.  

We got creative on our trip to IKEA and ended up purchasing MANY packets of their cork hot pads.  We then hung them on the wall in a chevron pattern to create a custom cork board for the guys.

We chose a midnight blue for the floors and ran the color up on the wall about two inches to hide any imperfections where the baseboards were removed.  We also used the color to create a 18 inch wide stripe between sidewalk and brickwork.  It gives the space a little more visual interest. 


Here's a peek into their kitchen area and a better look at the floor color.  Avenue Q really makes this space stand out and we love it behind the chrome accessories of the kitchen. 

Here they are, hard at work.  Thanks Embedly for letting us be a part of your new office design!