a guilty pleasure returned...

Everyone is talking about it.  

The return, however brief, of Domino Magazine. 

I was devastated when Domino went out of production. Yes, devastated.  It's a wonderful resource for design inspiration, my favorite thing to read on a Sunday afternoon. I used to pretend I was Carrie Bradshaw and read it standing up in the kitchen while eating crackers (if you know what episode I'm talking about, you can be my new best friend).  So of course, when the Quick Fixes issue was released I jumped on it.  Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorites from this issue. 

Paint Tricks.  Seemed fitting since this is a paint company afterall.  But really, this is one of our favorite tricks and this rendition of it just blew our socks off.  Literally (it's 80 degrees).  When you have a small space, using the same color on all the walls AND the ceiling helps!  When we suggest this to clients they often push back, asking won't that make it feel like a dungeon.  The answer is: no.  Domino agrees.  When you use the same color on the walls and ceilings the lines that make up the room disappear.  There are no breaks for your eye to stop at so the room looks bigger.  Get it?  

Like this look? 

Try these fabulous, beautiful, organic colors:


vintage tux / pool / buzz

You know this is one of our favorites.  Domino calls it refinishing, we like to call in upcycling.  Regardless...  take something old and make it new. I love all of the ideas on this page but my personal favorite is that stool!  It looks so fresh and young in its new color!  You would like that orange and black would like Halloween but in the right proportions, it's anything but scary! 



jump  /  vintage tux  (in satin finish please)

Hello beautiful stairs.  How I adore you.  I love painted stairs but these take the cake.  A painted runner is to die for...  need I say more???

Try it. Now. 


whisper  /  truck  /  vintage tux


Enjoy.... I sure am.