friday friday.

Happy Friday Friends...  last night the boy and I had a date night in Boston.  We've only been non-residents of the city for one week, but it already felt exciting.  Way more exciting, in fact, than when we lived there.  Anyway, we started the night off with some pizza and beer while watching the Bruins (if you are a B's fan, you know how that went).  And then we did one of our favorite things...  we saw Lucero live at the Paradise Rock Club.  Who you ask?  Lucero.  It's a band that Sean introduced me to when we first started dating and who we both love.  They are a little bit punk, a little bit rock, and a little bit country.  And we both have crushes on the lead singer... Yes, he is that sexy.  Anyway, we spent the night bobbing our heads to the tunes.  So today, I wanted to share one of their most popular...  enjoy! 

Their songs are not necessarily happy, go lucky.  But I hope you like them! 

Happy Friday!  Enjoy the weekend... I hear it will be a good one for painting! :)