dear expecting dads

Hello Dad to be.  Are you thinking about what to do for the soon to be mother of your child for the upcoming holiday?  Mother's Day is just around the corner.  Why not surprise your love by painting the nursery?  Hasn't she been asking?  

With the Quiet Nursery Collection, you don't have to worry about toxins, fumes, or harmful VOCs in the air.  It's completely organic and safe for you and your babies.  Best of all, you don't have to wait for the big reveal!  It's perfectly safe for your expecting wife and the little one growing in her belly to see the room right after you paint (or even be there during, but where is the surprise in that?). 

This week, we are offering a great deal to get you in the painting spirit.  Take 20% your purchase of any color in the nursery line for Mother's Day!  If you are unsure of which colors to choose, shoot us an email - we love to help!  And to make this even more exciting, if you like us on facebook and share our page with your friends, you can take an additional 5% off!!  Just post on our wall to let us know you've done this and we will send you the extra discount code! 

So dads, don't delay.  Imagine the look on your baby mama's face when she sees a beautifully painted room.  And imagine that grin grow when she learns that you used the safest, most beautiful choice out there. 

For 20% off the Quiet Nursery Collection, use code momsrock upon checkout.

For 25% off the Quiet Nursery Collection, like us on facebook and share the page with your friends.  We will send you the additional discount code!