a weekend plan.

 We are officially 10 hours away from the start of the weekend.  Would you believe that I have plans to paint all weekend and that I'm so excited about it?  I know, I paint all week.  Shouldn't I be sick of it?  Well, as you know I recently moved and we have not had time to even get things unpacked at this point.  Every morning I pick my clothes out of one of four huge duffles.  They then find their way to the dirty clothes, get washed and then put away.  I guess I'll unpack this way, one outfit at a time.  Regardless, I did find the time to pick paint colors for the new place.  Of course I am using our organic paint - what else would I use?  The boy and I walked through the downstairs the other day with a fan deck and decided on the following: 

Our back mudroom is getting a coat of torn skirt. It's the door we typically come in but not the formal entry.  The rest of the colors we chose are relatively subtle so Sean really wanted a bolder color for this space.

Turn left and you'll enter the kitchen.  Right now the kitchen is a muddy gray.  It's the room in the house that gets the least natural light, so we really wanted to brighten it up.  We chose Cat Nap for its hint of sunny yellow. 


Walk through the kitchen and you will enter our dining room.  I'm happy to report that having a dining room complete with table and chairs has finally allowed us to kick the habit of watching tv while we eat.  We now set the table and eat there each night.  Woohoo to a resolution complete!  Anyway, the walls in the dining room will be painted in Truss.  And the ladder back chairs we inherited from Sean's dad will get a fresh coat of Cusp in satin.  We also inherited a sideboard which I grew up with which will get a makeover, but more on that later...

And finally, the living room.  I love our living room.  It stretches the entire length of the house, has a fire place and built in bookshelves.  Oh and about 45 windows.  Ok, there are 6.  There are really beautiful, old hardwood floors throughout the downstairs, but for some reason they painted over it in the living room with an ocean blue color.  I don't hate it, but it doesn't work with the current color of the walls, which are green.  So we are going to lighten the space up with Spool, the color of linen.  And then add some blue tones back in to tie in with the floor through drapery, pillows, etc. 

So what do you think?  I'll be sure to take before and after pictures and share them as we go... Wish us luck!

Have a happy, healthy, colorful weekend! 

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