The boy has been in California since Monday morning and I've been here with the puppy.  Since I work from home most days, on nights when he doesn't come home I can go the entire day without seeing another person.  One day of this is fine (enjoyed actually), but after a few I start to wonder if anyone is still out there.  Hello?

Ok, so to say I don't see anyone is actually not true.  I see my neighbors, other people at the post office, grocery store, walking the dog.  But you know what I mean.  Add to this fact that it has been rainy and dismal out and you can find me hard at work, but still in my pajamas.  The pup doesn't mind. 

So before I head upstairs to my office to start the painting projects of the day (we are upcycling some lamps...  I'll be sure to share the results), here are some random images of my life before I went into hibernation: 

lobsters straight off the boat.  Yummmm.  

our sign came in the mail for the upcoming drool baby expo!  YAY.  Will we see you there?? 

My little brother's favorite place is the beach...  look at that grin. 

Our custom mixed glaze stair kits have been a big hit.  I took this shot before packing this one up and sending on its merry way.  

And the pup.  She loves to crawl in our bed when we aren't looking to take long, enviable naps. 

Happy Wednesday!