back at it.

How about some color to brighten up this gray day?  

We are talking nurseries, and this one: we love.  It's the sophisticated color on the walls paired with some baby blues and creamy whites that gives this nursery its unique look.  We have always been big fans of using original art in nursery spaces and the wall color works perfectly with the natural tones of the floor and the crib.  Well done!  

Like this look?  You can achieve something similar in your space with our organic colors. 


cuddle / truss / pout

No one ever said you had to stick to typical nursery colors.  And despite the fact that we've organized our line into the nursery collection and the home collection, you should feel free to use the colors wherever you see fit if the mood strikes. 

This stunner has been one of my favorites since I stumbled across it in September.  The nearly black walls make the accent colors and bright whites pop in the space.  And talk about a room that will grow with the baby...  no need to re-paint these walls. 

Try using our colors: 


vintage tux / whisper / petal

I love rooms that are dripping in color, as you know.  The next room really goes for it, using a summery, girly color palette to bring the room to life. 

Ah, that bed.  Paint your furniture folks!  It will make the room feel one of a kind.  (via Project Nursery)

For this look try using the following: 


bloom / bee / petal

And finally:

A room that serves two purposes.  Keeping both pieces of furniture in the same color scheme helps create balance in this space and the soft, earthy green anchors the space.   Found here. 

Try using: 


sea glass / whisper

And, of course, I have to fill you in on my adventures in babysitting (movie reference, anyone?).  I was lucky enough to spend the entire weekend with my sister, her husband, and my niece.  The boy and I flew down to babysit while they attended the wedding of a dear friend.  We stayed in the hotel and spent some serious quality time with the little one while they were at various wedding events.  She was an angel.  We had a blast getting to know her.  We went for walks, read books, played peek-a-boo and even went for a dip in the pool.  Of course, there was one meltdown.  And as non-parents, the boy and I were slightly panicked.  After rocking, walking, attempted feedings, and even a bath, we were at a loss.  We even called my mom.  I think she thought it was funny, but she was very helpful in reassuring us that we weren't torturing her.  After a nap, she woke up all smiles and the rest of the trip was a breeze.  Props to all you parents out there!  We are pooped!