singing and dancing.

sytycd.  obsessed!  I know it was only the auditions last night, but I am already hooked.  If you don't know what I am talking about we can no longer be friends.  Ok, we can.  Just not the kind that sit on the couch drinking wine and getting teary while watching people dance on tv.   

So today, in honor of Cat Deeley, the panel, and all those talented dancers who followed their dreams, we are showing some nurseries inspired by music and dance. 


This nursery, as seen on Apartment Therapy, is all about the music.  It's a little bit rock with its bold mix of black and white.  

Then there is this sweet nursery designed for the future ballerina...

And then there is this.  I'm not in love with it, but the idea is there.  I do like the idea of silhouettes.  This one looks like a decal, but this is something you could easily do yourself with a stencil.  And imagine if you did it in chalkboard paint?  Fun! 

And finally, a room that is a little bit country.  I love the old children's records hanging above the crib and that cow hide rug just begs for little toes to tap to the music for years to come. 

We wish you a very happy Memorial Day Weekend!