caught red-handed.

What are you doing this weekend?  Does it involve sitting on a beach reading a good book and eating watermelon slices?  Cause I think it should.  

Lots and lots of people have been ordering our red samples and I have to say... bravo you!!  Red can be scary, but when done correctly it can be so beautiful.  So today, in honor of all those brave folks considering painting their rooms red, I wanted to share some red nurseries that are just right.  Perhaps it will convince you to go for it!   

I love this room.  The bold red is paired with graphic black and white accents, along with some pink and orange.  It's a lovely combination for those not afraid of color!  (from small for big)

Not up for painting the walls?  Paint everything else, from your dresser to your chairs, even the floor!  Keeping the walls white and having red accessories is an easy way to give your room some definition - and even better, you can change it up easily!  (from mokkasin)

Or how about some stripes?  (from decorpad)

As you know, we love painted cribs here...  and this one is perfect.  Bold, red, strong, lively...  go for it! 

This wall is wallpaper, but you can easily get the same look (without the trouble of wallpaper) by stenciling or even free handing some polka-dots.  It's a more subtle approach. 

We will be back later today with a Father's Day tribute.  Until then! 

ps.  we have four reds to choose from:


truck, library, shout, brickwork