a color profile: pool

It's hot.  So, so hot.  I hope every single one of you is taking the day off and heading to some source of water - the ocean, a lake, a river or a pool.  I'll meet you there, ok?

What better day than today, a squelcher, to feature a color so cool, so crisp and so refreshing as our color:


Pool is a long drink of cool water on a hot day.  It's a jump in an alpine lake after a long hike.  It's clean, rejuvenating, and fluid.  Pool can be found in our Potting Shed palette in the Quiet Home Collection






Try using pool in your home to give your room a crisp, cool feel!  Like all of our paint colors, pool is completely organic, non-toxic and safe, so not only will you be creating a clean room in feeling, but in actuality as well.  

Now, a fruit smoothy just appeared in front of me, so if you'll excuse me...