a blue nursery

I am writing this post to you all while listening to the gentle waves of the sound lap against the shore.  It's lovely and I wish you here. As it turns out, yesterday was a great day to announce our chalkboard finish as I spent the rest of the day writing names on wine glasses that had been dipped in chalkboard paint and menu boards painted in the finish.  We are preparing for a wedding and the projects had me dreaming about how to use it in my own home.  Have you come up with any fun ideas? 


We are sharing the vacation house with our dear friends and their baby. He's the perfect amount of cute and cuddly, but also very much a boy.  It's so fun to watch him throw things, knock things over and giggle.

This is his nursery: 

His mom did a beautiful job designing it...  I love the use of bright colors and fun patterns.  They used our color Chirp on the walls and added bright whites and pops of greens.


A close up of the shelves shows the adorable figurines and toys against the bright blue. 

The day bed is the perfect place to snuggle or read a book together... 

This nursery was featured on Project Nursery.  Check out the full gallery here. 

Chirp is one of our favorites in the nursery collection. It's bright and happy...  enjoy!