one year old & 20% off!

As you all know, I am not yet a mother.  And while I do not have a baby, I do have this:


but now she looks more like this: 

because last night we celebrated her first birthday!!!  She has changed so much over the past few months, but hasn't lost her puppy charm (or energy!).  We started the day off with a birthday swim, her favorite activity, and then celebrated with a few new toys and a doggy cupcake.  Yes, she is spoiled and yes, we are those people.  At least we didn't dress her up in a birthday hat and have a doggy birthday party... or did we?

Anyway, today I wanted to do something slightly different and share with you some awesome birthday/milestone marker ideas that people have come up with - all using chalkboard paint: 

I love this idea...  listing the things your baby loves, does, etc. at different points in their life...  and how cute is baby Claire?!

Here's another take on the same idea... 

Same shot at different milestones, just change up the text...  

Keep track of that growing belly! 

And finally, the birth announcement. 

Now, what's the one thing all of these shots have in common?  The chalkboards are all black!  And while we love a black chalkboard, the really wonderful about our chalkboard paint is that you can order it in ANY of our colors.  And even better?  Our paint is organic, completely non-toxic, and safe for both you and baby.  

If those sweet little baby (and puppy!) faces aren't worth going organic for, what is? 

Today, we are offering 20% off all chalkboard paint products.  Pick your color and get creative!!