Lisa's House Tour

Good Morning!  Since both Lisa and I have used our paints in our homes, we thought it would be fun to do a house tour of each so you can see our style and how we chose to use the colors.  It makes sense to start with Lisa's.  The colors she chose for her home, she mixed prior to launching Quiet Home Paints.  When we launched we found room for all of them in the palettes.  

Some of you may have seen these rooms before.  They were featured in a few magazines including Country Living's article which you can read here.  But for those of you who haven't, its a real treat.  Enjoy! 

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Lisa lives in a beautiful, cozy, brick cottage along the river in Portsmouth.  You can find a full article on her house and the journey she took downsizing to this space here.  

Upon entering the door, you are greeting by this beautiful and functional kitchen with open shelving and custom height counters (we are tall!). 

Lisa used Whisper on the walls and Vintage Tux in chalkboard behind the shelving.  I love the look of the chalkboard with the warm wood tones of the island the door.  And that chicken painting...  its a favorite of mine by X.  The sky paintings to the left of the door are originals by Lisa herself. 

Get the look with Whisper and Vintage Tux


Leave the kitchen and you will pass this set of stairs going up to the bedroom and office.  After being published in Country Living, a lot of people wanted to know how to re-create this look so we put together a kit that will allow you to do this on your own.  You can find it here.  

The living room is the last remaining room on the ground floor and my favorite.  I once house/puppy sat for Lisa while she was in Africa for over a month.  It snowed every day and I loved cuddling up in the room in between shoveling.  It's warm, cozy, and oh so happy.  Lisa used Whisper for the white walls and Sea Glass as the accent wall.   The sideboard on the right is custom painted and glazed, but  you could get the same look by used cuddle and dry brushing over it.  I'll do a tutorial on this later next week as well.  The bench in front of the couch was painted with splash.  This room looks slightly different now as that turquoise chair we see a glimpse of in the foreground is now in my kitchen (yay!), but we tend to change things around a lot in our family. 

Get the look with Whisper, Sea Glass, and Splash:


Go up the beautiful stairs and you will find the office to your left. 

The office is painted with Whisper and Peony.  Lisa then added the hand painted leaf motif in jump.  You can catch a glimpse of the white walls in the reflection of the mirror.  And those flower paintings which Lisa purchased in France from a little old lady selling her art on the street corner.  I think they are beautiful.  Oh and ps.  I painted that mirror for Lisa back when I was in high school.  

Get the look with Whisper, Peony, and Jump


And to the right you will find the bedroom:

I love how soft and serene it is.  Lisa used Whisper and Pebble in this room to create that subtle look.  

Whisper and Pebble:


And there you have it. Lisa's house in all its glory.  You will notice that Lisa used Whisper throughout each room in some way to tie them all together.  If you like these rooms check out our room packages on the website.