orange and pink

We hope that you had a wonderful weekend.  I spent mine catching up with my dearest friend (and not checking things off my weekend to do list).  I have to say, this was the first weekend since May that I didn't have to travel somewhere and I could not have been happier.  Sometimes you just need to stay home and enjoy your own space.  And so as we enter the last week of August, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite color combinations, one I'd love to use in my own home:  orange and pink. 

I came across this room on Pinterest and fell in love with the room immediately...  fun, bright and perfect. 

Here is a softer take on the combination...  a girly, sweet vignette. 

A beautiful daybed in this happy color combination

For a more subtle take, use a blank backdrop like a warm white and add the color in the accessories. 

Perfect for nurseries and playrooms. 

If you like the look of these two colors together, try our organic paints in pinks and oranges together! 


Would you use this bold palette?