andi's home tour

Happy Friday, people!  Last week I gave you a little tour of Lisa's house.  Today... I'll do the same with my own.  I recently moved into a home on the shore and have loved putting it together.  You will notice some differences between my home and Lisa's... mainly that hers is finished and mine is far from it.  Oh and that whole thing about her being an incredibly talented interior designer, and me - well, not.  But I'll share with you where we are now, and what we plan in the months to come.  Enjoy! 

Up first, the entry (Progress 10%): 

This is what you see when you enter my home, and I realize that means it should have been one of the first to update, but I haven't touched it.  The color on the walls was there when we moved in and while it doesn't do anything for me, it's not terrible.  I'm undecided on color.  Here are my ideas:


Nest, Shutter, Porch, or Celadon... What do you suggest? 

Turn left and you will enter the dining room (Progress 85%), which is the most complete room in my home, although still not "done": 

We painted the walls in truss and those chairs were a real labor of love...

They each were sanded, primed, and given two coats of our color cusp in satin finish.

I'm happy with the space.  I love how the blue chairs look with the bright orange end chairs.  The only thing left to do is acquire and refinish an old sideboard I've had my eye on for under those framed prints...   You can see a peak into my kitchen from here which is where we will go next...

It's the room I spend the most time in, aside from my office, so it got a coat of paint early on (Progress 80%):

The walls are spruced up with a coat of catnap.  I love the way it looks behind this turquoise chair.  To be honest that chair doesn't get too much use.  I'm not a coffee drinker, but if I was I imagine I'd sit there while sipping out of my mug.  Come on over and I'll cook for you while you relax here.  Bonus points to anyone who knows what LFOD stands for! 

No that sinks are pretty or anything, but this shot gives you a good idea of how subtle and creamy this yellow is.

Keep going around and you will get to the back entry (Progress 90%).  This is the room we always enter through and the boy chose the color:  

Torn Skirt on the walls.  It's the perfect color for this little room... And while I don't have a shot of it, it looks beautiful from the kitchen behind catnap.  That desk is painted in sea glass with a clothesline accent line. 


Ok, so real life shot...  no staging here.  You can see the jumbo tennis ball that my puppy loves and the mop peaking out from the fridge...  sorry!  But I included it because I wanted you to see just how neighborly I've become.  That beautiful painted picture dominating our fridge was painted for us by our adorable next door neighbor who is five and also came over the other night to deliver us homemade chocolate chip cookies.  She is quickly stealing my heart! 

Moving on... the Living Room (Progress 25%):

Another room we haven't touched aside from the furniture placement.  The floor is painted a deep blue which we don't plan to change, but high on the to do list is to give the walls a coat in spool.  Other items on the list include painting the back of that bookshelf, updating the mantle, and finding window treatments...  It's a work in progress.

Whew, that felt like a lot.  How about the second and third floor tour next week?