So I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises.  After everything that happened I just had no interest in seeing it.  The boy kept saying things like "you can't live in fear", but it wasn't about being scared.  It just felt wrong to go enjoy a movie during which such tragedy had occurred.  But, just days before the picture leaves theaters, he managed to convince me and off we went to the local theater.  In return for my accompaniment, I asked for dinner first on him.  The dinner was pretty pathetic (as mall dinners typically are), but the movie?  I have to admit, despite my anxiety, it was pretty stellar as far as Batman movies go. 

As we left the theater though I couldn't help but feel guilty.  I had just enjoyed, really enjoyed, a movie that for so many will always symbolize hurt, fear and devastation.  So today, I'm in the mood for something lighter... not to brush it off, or forget... but to add a little more good into the world:

Rather than sharing rooms for little ones, I thought I would share some beautiful photos of the little ones themselves.  After all, these beautiful little beings are our future and the greatest symbol of hope.