Lily Claire's Room: Part I

Good Morning!  Today marks the first of a three part series from Jamie describing her adventure in creating a new room for her daughter Lily Claire.  Enjoy! -Andi

Lily Claire's Room Part I:  The planning process

Let me preface this post by saying: I am not a professional designer. I am not even a designer. But I do love beautiful things; don’t we all?

Since we bought our house in April, I have become more interested in beautifying my surroundings. I think it’s partly because I get to make all the decisions (okay, Josh helps, too). Pinning has become a favorite pastime. After our wedding in May, I turned my Pinterest attention from flowers and favors to making our house a home. There’s so much to do, though, right?

The guy who lived in the house before us, I assume in preparation of potential buyers, painted the entire house a really boring beige-yellow color. This dull color, in addition to the lighting, makes each room seem sallow and washed-out. I was not a fan. Because the majority of our cash on hand went to our down payment, our options to spruce up our humble abode were limited. I decided the majority of the money we DID have should be spent on paint.

You would not believe the difference in our kitchen when we changed the color from that drab yellow to a gorgeous, rich turquoise. The cabinets and counter tops I hated before were transformed! Even though we still have plans to change those in the future, it is now one of my favorite rooms in the house. It’s amazing what a little color can do to go a long way. We also changed the look of our master bedroom with a dark gray color that accentuated the furniture and furnishings we already had.

Then I found Quiet Home Paints. It has changed my life. Not only have Andi and Lisa blessed me with the opportunity to work for them as their marketing intern, they have been my source for infinite color and design ideas for our house. I love that I get to share our journey with you step-by-step… I hope you, too, will find some inspiration and creativity running through your veins after reading our posts, especially this one!

My daughter, Lily Claire, is the absolute love of my life. With her blonde, sunny hair and her infectious smile, she has brought so much joy to everyone she meets! I wanted to create a room for her that reflected her spunky style, while still keeping a foundation of continuity and harmony.

I began my process by looking online to get some ideas. I have always pictured Lily Claire in a pink room, but something didn't feel right this time. It just seemed so… cliché. Not in a bad way. I LOVE pink. But her last room was a light bubble gum pink, and while it was gorgeous… I wanted something different for our new house. Fortunately, Pinterest helped me find my dream bedroom for her. Although I pinned several different rooms and sent them to Lisa for her perusal, I soon found that I continually came back to this one.

(from chiccheapnursery)

I was so surprised that I was so attracted to a room that was… blue. I mean, it’s gorgeous, but definitely a little out of my comfort zone at first.  I don’t consider myself to be a person who thinks my daughter has to love pink and purple and can’t play with trucks or anything, but it still intrigued me that I was so in love with it.

But how was I supposed to turn this dreamy little girl’s room into my daughter’s reality using the room and furniture we have? There are several expensive and custom elements to this room that I knew we could not afford. That’s where Lisa came in… and boy, did she deliver! She started off by asking me how I wanted the room to function.  Here's my list:

  • I wanted Lily Claire to be able to rest peacefully at night and for naps.
  • I wanted a designated area of the room for her to read books and play with toys and crafts.
  • I wanted to open up the closet and allow it to be used not only for clothing and storage, but also to be an additional area for her to access her toys.
  • I wanted the room to be able to be easily converted in the event that we (one day) add a new addition to the family, and that addition just so happens to be a boy. 
After consulting with me, Lisa gave me several pointers on how to achieve the look I was going for without breaking the bank.

Her advice:
  • Paint Lily Claire’s room with the main color chosen. 
  • Remove closet doors and paint the back wall of the closet a corresponding, brighter color.
  • Research ideas to replace the closet doors with some sort of curtain (i.e. cheese cloth, strips of ribbons, and/or beads) to show off the newly renovated closet.
  • Angle her crib against the back corner of the wall by the window to open the room up a little more.
  • Try to find a children’s round table & chairs to encourage her creativity and give her a place to do crafts.
  • Start searching for fabrics in different patterns to use for the pillows and the Roman shades (Andi said she had a great tutorial on how to make a simple Roman shade. I’ll let you know how that turns out!)
  • Consider doing a 4-5” stripe of color around the window to bring in pink without overwhelming the space with it.
  • Be on the lookout for a creamy white shag rug (preferably 5'x7') to give her a soft space to play with toys and give the room a little more texture.

Based on this inspiration photo...

... can you guess which colors we chose??  

So, I definitely had my work cut out for me. Fortunately, I’m not in any hurry and perfectly fine with the fact her room is a work in progress. Stay tuned for my next post to see everything we’ve done so far. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I know I was!