Lily Claire's Room: Part II

 Hi all!  Happy Columbus Day!  Today we are featuring Part 2 in the 3 part series from Jamie about transforming her little one's nursery. Enjoy!  -Andi

So, I hope you enjoyed reading my first post detailing the beginning phase of Lily Claire’s room transformation. When I left you last, we asked you to guess what colors Lisa had chosen based on the inspiration photos. 

Aren’t you so excited to find out if you were correct? Drumroll, please…

The soft, periwinkle blue she chose for the main color was…


And the raspberry color to highlight the back of the closet was…


I was too ecstatic for words to get this color combination on her walls. But that meant rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. And by “our” sleeves, that inevitably meant Josh was going to be working. And painting meant my best friend, Shonna, was going to be put to work, as she is an extremely talented edger (no, really, the girl should go into business… she doesn’t even need tape!).

Once we cleaned out Lily Claire’s closet (AKA stacked everything from her closet into piles around the rest of her room), we removed the doors of the closet and put them in the attic. Who knows, we may put them back up someday. Then we took down the shelf and clothes rod. We started by painting the back wall with Peony. 

The other 3 walls of the closet we painted Pout. I used the rest of the Pout in the paint tray to start on the main walls of the room.

And then… the world stopped. Okay, not really. But that’s what it felt like. The next 2 weeks were like a big blur of all the things that happen when you have a life. I was lucky to be able to wade through the piles daily to find an outfit for her to wear. We mainly stuck to what we could find in the clean clothes basket.

Next week, we’ll reveal Lily Claire’s room in its current stage, which is completely painted! Until then, I will leave you with some feedback on this painting project:

  • I wish I had been a little more organized when it came to “decluttering” her room and getting her space ready to paint. The piles of clothes were frustrating. Halfway through the project, I finally realized I had space in my closet to put all her hanging clothes. It helped, but next time I think I will empty the room we are painting as much as possible to avoid the land mines.
  • I really liked working with the paint. Pout was especially creamy, almost like yogurt, and it covered the walls exceptionally well. We only needed to touch up with a second coat as needed, which saved paint.
  • I was happy to know that each time we painted, I could put Lily Claire down for a nap or for bedtime… even as the paint was drying. Because our paint is organic and entirely non-toxic, I felt safe knowing she wasn’t breathing in anything harmful.

Until next week....