Weekend Paint Projects: Painted Lamp Shade

Happy Friday!  It's time for another installment of Weekend Paint Projects! 


To refresh your memory: every other Friday we will post a detailed how-to of a project that you could easily accomplish over a weekend.  Some of them will be super simple, some more involved but all of them will be real projects we've done using paint to spruce up the place.  The goal is to inspire you to do the same.  We are firm believers in the power of color and what better way to add it to your life than with easy weekend projects. Every time we post a weekend paint project, there will also be the chance to win a quart of paint for your own weekend project.  How do you win?  It's simple.  Comment here or on our facebook page about a weekend paint project you've been dying to complete and a winner will be chosen at random and announced the following Tuesday.  

Today's weekend paint project is pretty easy and fun to do.  Plus, you'll feel like an artist when it's completed.  I give you: the painted lampshade.

First things first: you need a lamp.

This is what mine looked like when I started.  Plain wood lamp with burlap shade.  You'll notice in the following photos that I painted the base of the lamp.  I'm not going to go into detail on how I did that today, because we have enough to talk about with the shade, but it's a simple formula of sand, prime, paint.  We chose our color wisp.

Step 1: Draw design for shade

I chose this design because I love the look of the profile silhouette.  I've been seeing them everywhere and I thought someday I could do a male version on a different lamp and use them on our nightstands.  Cute, huh?  But today.  It's all about the lady.  First I sketched the drawing in pencil and then I traced over it in sharpie.  You will want your design to be dark so you can see it in the next step.  The options are endless here.  You could do your initials, a quote or anything you dream up, but if you want to use mine you can download it here

Step 2: Transfer drawing to lampshade


To do this, simply tape your drawing to the inside of the lamp being sure that it is centered and the ink is facing the side you will be painting on.  You should be able to see an outline of your drawing through the shade.  Turn the lamp on to see it more clearly.  Then just trace the drawing onto the lampshade using a pencil. 

Step 3:  Paint!

Simple.  Trace over the lines you've penciled onto the shade.  Then erase any pencil marks still showing. 

Step 4: Marvel

a note:  I used a burlap shade partly because it is what I had and partly because I like the look of burlap shades, but the process is much easier when using a shade made with linen or other smoother fabric.  The burlap made it hard to see my drawing clearly through the other side and also made the painting less precise because of the texture.  I happen to like that look of free-hand, but if you use a linen shade you will not have that problem. 

ps.  we used our color wisp, not only for the base, but for the shade also.  It's the softest purple you will ever meet.  

What do you think?? 

As always, remember that when using our paints you don't need to be concerned with toxins, VOCs, or even odors.  All of our colors are completely organic, non toxic and safe making them the perfect choice for your projects!  Don't forget to comment here or on our facebook page for a chance to win a quart of paint in the color of your choosing!