Good Morning and Happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a lovely weekend filled with whatever makes you happy.  Today we have some interesting rooms to share with you inspired by the half...   

This weekend I was lucky to spend some time with my father and my oh so curious and loveable little brother.  We went to the beach with the dogs and explored the tidepools and played fetch while enjoying the sunshine on our backs and crisp breeze in our faces.  My little brother loves the beach.  I mean loves it.  He could spend all day there playing in the water (despite how incredibly cold it is) and looking for sea creatures.  Watching him, I couldn't help but be inspired by him...  the way he laughs to himself and explores whole heartedly.  At one point, while examining a tide pool he slipped in and soaked himself to the knees.  We all laughed and it didn't deter him from spending another 45 minutes enjoying the beach. As he walked in front of me I couldn't help smiling at the picture of him. His pants were saturated from the cuff to his knee making half of them a much darker color.  Inspiration can strike at anytime, right?  Well.... consider it struck.  It got me thinking about walls.  What if they were a different color from the cuff to the knee?  I mean floor to mid-way point...  

A quick search of good old pinterest had me sold:

I love the look!  How about you?  (via pineconecamp)

(apartment therapy)


(plenty of colour)