colorful frames without spray paint.

People, please stop using spray paint.  I know it seems super easy and convenient, but it hardly takes much more time to use paint that doesn't contain toxins...   and the result is usually longer lasting and free of those terrible spray paint drips (my pet peeve).

Today, I want to show you a project that many might consider using spray paint to complete.  I'm here to tell you that you can get this same look with little effort WITHOUT subjecting yourself to the toxins emitted from spray paint. 

Painted Frames.  They are beautiful, easy to do yourself, and can add a necessary dose of color into a space. Could you use spray paint to do this project?  Yes.  Should you?  No.  Not when there are other options out there that are completely safe

Try peony:

How beautiful is this painted mirror frame?  Using organic paint free of all VOCs is not only safer, but it will allow you pick from a much wider range of beautiful colors.  Like a soft, delicate blue:


We love this installation of frames all painted in slightly different shades of yellow.  Try ours:

cup / buzz / bee / melt

Clean and white with butterflies.  How cute would this be in a little girl's room?


A touch of brightness...

Enjoy!  And consider picking up a brush instead of a can next time you have a painting project to complete.