Lily Claire's Room: Part III

Post three on Lily Claire's room from our intern Jamie today: 

Here it is… the big reveal! I’m so excited to show you how beautiful Lily Claire’s room has turned out to be! It’s amazing to me what a little lot of paint can do.

If you remember my first post, here is what the room looked like before:

And here is my inspiration picture:

Last time I left you, I told you about how the world stopped… or went on in a crazy fashion. Call it what you will, but we had SO much going on; I felt like I was all over the place! You never feel like that, do you? ;) Anyway, I was planning to finish her room, and I had to start preparing to go out of town for an extended weekend. So, I left for Birmingham with a million things still on my to do list and a room still very much unfinished.

Jump ahead to a getting back home on a VERY late Sunday night wanting to do nothing more than get my daughter in bed and fall into one myself. I made my way back to Lily Claire’s room to put her down for bed expecting to trip over clothes and toys and GASP!!! No way… he didn’t! He did?! He didn’t! Oh, but he did! My sweet, thoughtful, kind, and loving husband had painted the rest of her room, and it was beautiful. And clean! I was so happy that I dialed him up immediately (he was out of town for work) to tell him how overjoyed I was! Now, let me tell you. This beats coming home to flowers ANY day!

Okay, okay! I’ll stop bragging and let you see how it turned out! Using our colors Pout and Peony, Josh I was able to achieve this fun and vibrant final product!

Let me show you around Lily Claire’s pretty new room and answer a few questions you might have. As you can see, I followed Lisa’s advice and angled the crib against the wall. I couldn't believe the difference it made. That, in addition to the white shag rug I found, seemed to fill the room and make it not as sparse as I felt it was before.

I love how most of the belongings we already had purchased for her room seemed to fit in with this color scheme. Her bedding’s colors look SO good with the wall palette, which saved me $$ from needing wanting to go buy a different set.

Next, we come to her cube storage and fabric bins. I already had the purple and teal fabric bins and was going to use the empty spaces for books. Somehow, though, most of her books have stayed at Mimi’s (my mom’s) house. We have her favorites here, and it seems to cut down on books being unnecessarily scattered all over creation. Believe me, we already have our fair share of clutter. Okay, back to the bins. I realized that if I was going to use the cube storage mainly for clothing, then I needed more bins. That’s where the green came in. I love the additional color, and I could fit more of her clothes exactly where I wanted them. For her birthday, Lily Claire’s dad had the letters of his/her last name made into a sweet little puzzle. She’s two and can already identify 99% of the alphabet, and I’m sure this puzzle contributed to that. I thought it was a really cute idea, and I’m torn between letting her play with it and hanging it to use for decoration. 

Take a step to the right, and you’re at the closet. We removed the closet doors and painted the back of the closet Peony to give the closet more depth. It did just that. I still haven’t nailed down exactly what I want to use to give the closet a little bit of separation and decoration. I’m leaning toward a ribbon/bead combination or something like that. I’ll let you know when I complete that project. I’m also looking for ideas to store tons of stuff in the closet without making it look cluttered and disorganized. Right now, I have her hanging clothes (which need to be changed out for winter), her suitcase, and some storage tubs on the shelf. Let’s not forget to mention I also have all the things that I threw out in the hall for our photo shoot in the closet. (C’mon, I know I’m not the only one who does that, right?) Yes, Lily Claire has more shoes than are in the photo of her hanging organizer. She’s a girl! 

On the wall opposite her cube storage is her toy organizer, and I already owned that as well. I like how you can arrange the bins to show off what is being stored, or you can tilt them up for the toys to remain a bit more hidden. I like the way it is right now so that she can see the toys easily.

Still on my list (not already mentioned above):

  • Find a table/chairs set for her to do crafts. In this case, some of the toy storage will probably move into the closet.
  • Make a set of Roman shades to hang over her window.
  • Accessorize the room/walls with fun thrift store finds. As much fun as I had at Target recently cleaning them out of their clearance items, I’d like to challenge myself to look elsewhere for the remaining items… not only to save $$, but to make it a fun adventure that I will remember. I’d love to be able to tell her when she gets older about how I put her room together and hand-picked certain elements.
  •  Make some fun pillows for her bed and for lounging in her room, reading books or daydreaming.

I’m so very giddy when I walk into her room… seeing all the changes and how happy Lily Claire is playing or sleeping peacefully. This is definitely a beautiful transformation, and I’m so blessed to have had Lisa and Andi walk me through each step to get it where it is right now. I can’t wait to update you as things progress and show you some of my other projects I’ve been working on.

Until then…