Pond. Catnap. Buzz. Bee

Today I wanted to share with you a room that we recently completed for a wonderful couple and their expected little girl.  Completed may not be the right word.  In fact, they themselves did all the hard work.  They painted (A LOT!), lugged up furniture, decorated and lovingly made this room a nursery for their expected little one.  We came in a few weeks before the due date to stage the nursery for a photo shoot. 


Photoshoots are really fun for us.  We usually arrive armed with accessories, throws, pillows, rugs and artwork to place in a way that looks the best through the lens of the camera.  

Here is Lisa rearranging some stuffed animals that looked a little funny through the lens. 

The parents painted this dresser in catnap (the same color as the ceiling and trim) and then completed the drawers in our chalkboard finish of bee.  

We brought in this custom chair from LTS (which is painted in QHP's pebble) and framed piece of art to create a little reading nook in the nursery.  

We also brought this extra large canvas which we had painted in our chalkboard finish of buzz to break up this large wall.  Its a super easy, super inexpensive way to add custom art (if you will) to your space. 

We worked with the talented Greg West on the shoot.

It's a constant back and forth... from the room, to the camera, to the computer and back to the room to tweak this or that.  Greg has a great eye and would suggest moving this or that slightly to best fill the frame.  

Here is a wide angle shot from Greg that shows most of the room.  That chevron rug usually lives outside my office, but we thought it worked well in this space.  We've shared more photos of this project on Project Nursery.  Be sure to check it out to see the rest of Greg's shots and this fun nursery! 

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