Hi all!  We are busy in the studio getting ready for The Mother of All Baby Showers.  You heard me...  it's kind of a big deal.  If you live the Tampa area and want to stop by to say hi, we would love to see you. 


So stop on by on Friday between 6 and 9:30 pm for a chance to meet us, see our colors, lots of inspiration and of course - get big discounts and giveaways! 

That means our posting has been and will continue to be a little light this week.  So today, I thought I would take this opportunity to give you a few more updates.  

1. The boy, by now, is used to me asking him to make small updates to our website.  The latest on my list of wants was to get the pin it button to appear on this blog when you hover over the photo.  So for you viewing pleasure:

Mouse over and see the beauty!  A big thanks to the boy...  

We also want a description of the photo to show up in the gray bar as well.  It is in the works and will be up and running next week. 

2.  You've given us feedback and we've listened.  The website will be undergoing another round of changes...  nothing too drastic will be happening as we still love the website.  But there will be some changes...  Most importantly, our chalkboard paint will have it's very own page to make it easier for you to find.  

3.  And finally, I put together this little book for the show we will be attending on Friday.  We thought it would inspire moms and dads (and others, too!) to get creative with chalkboard.  Enjoy! 

Happy Wednesday!