I have my ten year high school reunion on Saturday and to say that I am a little apprehensive about it is an understatement.  For me, (as with for many others I assume?) high school was a mix of both truly wonderful and truly heartbreaking moments.  Both thrilling and mortifying encounters.  A time when even the smallest of dramas seemed like the end of the world and self-assuredness came and went as quickly as the days flew by.  I look back at those four years and cringe a little...  as there were definitely some cringe-worthy moments.  But still, I am excited to go back - even despite the fact that makes me feel old.  I am excited to see those old, familiar faces and hear stories about where they've been and what they've encountered along the way.  I have no idea what to expect...  but sometimes the unexpected should be embraced. 

As it should with color.  (How do you like that tie-in??)

Little doses on unexpected color go a long way...  we love these neon table legs from Apartment Therapy

I have been seeing this everywhere and love it!  Surprise your guests by matching the underbellies of your sink and tub with color!  (from house and home)

Cabinetry is most commonly white or some natural wood - why not go for the unexpected and pick a bold color to bring them to life?  We love this mandarin orange.  (from houzz) 

For a real statement bring the unexpected outdoors and draw attention with an eye-catching front door!  (from material girl)

If you are looking to add a little unexpected color to your home, look no further. 

Here are our favorite, non-toxic Quiet Home Paints colors to add a little surprise to your home.