chalkboard fun!

There is nothing more fun that watching children's faces light up when they see our colors on their walls.  It's one of the reasons we love doing what we do.  So you can imagine how much we enjoyed our day on Tuesday spent at the Lincoln School in Rhode Island where the halls were a constant sea of smiling faces all excited to use the chalkboard space we were creating for them. 

We did a few installations of our chalkboard paint throughout the school including a welcome board, some spaces in the library for book lists/reviews and a hallway mural.  Today we wanted to share with you one of them:  the leaf mural.  

The idea for this installation was to bring some color into an otherwise stark, white space while encouraging creativity.  

The wall was painted in our color Stomp

Then Lisa got to work blocking in leaves of various shapes, sizes and colors - all in our chalkboard finish.  She's so talented. 

We used a combination of peep, jump, chirp, splash, bloom, twirl, and sidewalk for the leaves. 

Then we unleashed the girls on the space...

It took them a minute to warm up, but once they started they were on a roll...

There was a lot of school spirit on those leaves by the time we were done. 

It was so fun to watch what the girls came up with and how much fun they were having using the space.  We will share more of this project including the other spaces with you down the road...  but we couldn't resist giving you a little glimpse into our day on Tuesday. 

If you are interested in using our chalkboard paint in your space - check out all of colors here!  And remember, they are non-toxic and completely safe! 

Happy Friday!