painted tv trays.

Good Morning!  We hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Today we have a post from Jamie detailing a project she completed in her own home to add a little color in her living room.  Enjoy! -Andi


I’m on a budget. I have never been on a budget before in my life, but now hubby and I are on a budget. It’s a great thing, though, because we are on the same page about finances for the first time in our relationship. It does, however, make redecorating our house a bit more challenging. I’m forced to utilize items we already have around the house and jump-start my creativity side instead of taking the easy (and usually more expensive) way of buying new.

We’re currently working on updating our living room. We’re looking at some grey/green shades from the QHP palettes to brighten the room, while still coordinating with our vibrant kitchen. I bought a new entertainment center and bookcase that I felt were priced appropriately. When I looked at the side tables in the same set, they were about $90 each. No way was I going to spend that $180 on two side tables. I’ll find something at a yard sale I can repaint, I thought.

So, when we were cleaning out (mostly) my husband’s junk in our office closet, I saw these babies:

(from target)

Boring, right? I know, but these were exactly the trays I had been hoping to find at a yard sale or on clearance at Target! I knew that some primer and a couple of coats of paint could turn these trays into the pops of color I wanted to brighten up our living room. So, with a quart of QHP primer (which is VOC-free and non-toxic just like all our paints) and a quart of Pool, we were able to go from bland to grand.

Here is how we did it…

First, we took apart the tables and sanded them to rough up the surface a bit.

Then we primed the pieces with one coat of QHP primer.

Lily Claire wanted to paint, too, so she came out and helped us paint the cardboard.

Each table then received two coats of Pool in satin finish with 2 days in between each coat for drying time. We wanted to make sure the paint thoroughly cured to stand up to the wear and tear of daily use.


After the tables were done, we placed them on either side of our love seat, and I was so happy with how they turned out! I love that we were able to take something we already owned and repurpose it into something beautiful and functional. It is nice to not have to set our drinks on the floor anymore, and I can’t wait until we get the living room painted… the color is going to stand out so much more! I hope to update you with the finished living room pics soon!

What are some repurposing projects you are planning to accomplish in 2013?