Andi's Bookshelf Makeover.

 As promised, today I wanted to share with you my own bookshelf makeover. 

It's a start...  I never knew how many orange books I had until I started this process.

Anyway.  I'm embarrassed to admit that this is how my bookshelves looked yesterday morning:

They became a catch-all for photos, books and pictures with no rhyme or reason to how it was displayed.  I wanted to change that. 

I started by clearing everything from the shelves.  A blank slate. 

There.  That is better.  Upon doing so I realized the the shelves were in pretty bad shape - they really needed a paint job.  I had wanted to paint the backs of the shelves anyway, so I picked a color and got to it. 

I went with our color celadon, from the loft palette.  It's a cool gray, green that I thought would work well with our wall color (spool). 

In this in-progress shot you can see the difference between the painted side (right) and not-painted side (left).  

Rigby always like to help when I paint.  You can also see how dinged up the shelves are...  So I gave them a quick once over with our white, whisper.  

While the paint was drying I did two things...

First, I organize all the stuff I had on the shelves previously. 

I guess that doesn't look too organized, but it made sense to me. 

Then I decided I needed something for the top of the shelves that wasn't just "stuff".  These built-ins are unique in the fact that they do not extend all the way to the ceiling (or even to the top of the window) so you are left with this awkward space to fill. 

I remembered I had some letters from the local craft store and grabbed them.  I wanted to spell out bibliotheque, but I didn't have two Bs, so I went with Library.  In hindsight, I don't think bibliotheque would fit anyway. It really bothers the boy that there are four letters on one wall and three on the other.  It doesn't bother me so much - thoughts?

Once I decided I liked the idea,  I painted the letters to match the back of the shelves. 

Then I slowly started filling the shelves with books, art, photos...

I didn't go shelf by shelf.  Rather I tried to balance the shelves with color and shapes.  If I found I had a lot of orange on the right side, I tried to balance it out with bold colors on the left side.  

Slowly I filled the shelves until they looks like this: 

I was pretty satisfied, but there were some things that need tweaking.  It was really helpful to look at them through the camera lens... 

After the final tweaks: 

left side. 

right side. 

Rigby seems to like them.  What about you? 

This project took a total of 4 hours from start to finish.  Painting the backs of the shelves was maybe the easiest painting project I've done in awhile.  And I used a brush for it all, so if you used a small foam roller it would take even less time.  

What do you think?  Time for a bookshelf makeover of your own?