Wentworth Gardner House Photoshoot.

A few weeks ago Lisa and I staged a portion of the Wentworth Gardner House in Portsmouth NH for a photoshoot.  As a paint company, it is important to show our colors on the walls so you, as potential painters, can see more than just a swatch.  We chose a few colors, one from each palette in the Quiet Home Collection and went to work.  Staging rooms for a photoshoot is a fun (but big) job.  Not only did we need to paint each area with the color we wanted to shoot, but we needed to shop for furnishings, accessories and art, then move it all into the space, stage the space, have it photographed, then break it all down.   Like I said, it's a big job.

I've shared some previews of what the space looked like in progress here on the blog previously.  Today I wanted to share the results (along with how we got to them!). 

A big thanks to the photographer who captured these shots, John Hession

First up: Grass Stain


It's the most beautiful green and the perfect backdrop for purples, teals, and creams.  You can find Grass Stain in the Potting Shed palette among other colors that inspire spring.  

Pretty, right?  

Well, here is what it looks like from my angle:

John is great at doing what it takes to get the shot.

Next: Whisper and Cuddle Together Forever

There is something so beautiful about an all white space.  When we started Quiet Home Paints, we knew we only needed two whites: one warm and one bright...  here they work together to create a perfect spot. 

Here is Lisa painting over that horrible color that lived on these walls previously.


Jewel Toned Ballgown and Emma:

Both of these gorgeous colors live in the Estate Palette.  When used together like this, the impact is a powerful one. 

You can see the difference here: 

Ballgown before we added Emma on the wall in the hallway...

There she is. 

And of course, the addition of furniture and accents makes a big difference.  You can see a little texture on the wall here.  We painted right over some textured wallpaper.  It's a great look and much easier than taking all that wallpaper off! 

Husk and Foxtail:

I love this color combination.  Both husk and foxtail can be found in the Camp palette...  along with Truck which is the orangey red on the stool.  Its a warm and lovely space.  

what do you think?

Ok, now for Porch:

A lovely blue from the Cottage Palette...

Up next:  Nest

This warm toned neutral really transformed this hallway... 

And finally:  ACK

The back wall of this small closet is painted in ACK from the Cottage palette and makes the small space special. 

And there you have it!  It was a fun project to work on...  where would you use these colors?