From Lisa.

Twice a month we will be featuring posts from our Co-founder, CEO, and lead designer: Lisa!  The posts will range in subject from painting tips and project tours to Q&A's and Inspiration.  Today is her first post and gives you some insight into her life...  enjoy! 

Well I’m moving.  I just can’t believe it.   5 years, 5 moves, plus a major home renovation. And I’ve moved the studio—twice!  That’s it I’m crazy.  But this one, I just can’t resist this one…

Andi has asked me to start writing blog posts again, advice on color, design, painting and the like.  I agreed, but when I sit down to write, I realize I lose interest unless it’s personal…and what is more personal than making a home?

 You’ve all seen my little home.  For some reason it gets a lot of press and attention.  What many of you haven’t seen is the beginning…so let’s start there, and then I’ll introduce you to my new home…

Check out all the before, after, and in between photos of my current home here.  And stay tuned for my next posts featuring my new home!