Today we wanted to share with you a collection of our favorite instagram photos that use a hashtag involving paint.  As you can see, people everywhere are painting - and it can be fun!  We think you should join them:

1.  It's a dirty job...  

..but someone has to do it, and if that someone is you definitely use our paint - those messy drips, smudges (and handprints?) are easy to wash away and contain absolutely no toxins

2. Kid involvement! 

We love to see kids getting involved!  Don't worry about your child breathing in anything harmful when using our paints - they are VOC free and completely safe.  So pass your kid a roller and help them turn their space into something special. 

3.  What do we need again?

Has this happened to you?  You get to the hardware store and realize you don't know what you need?  Or what those things are called?  It's ok - most hardware stores are more than happy to help you out.  And follow our painting 101 blog posts...  you'll be a painting expert in no time.  

4.  Going Down.

What a great project!  We love folks who aren't afraid to do something bold

5. Paint Can Overload! 

What a big project this must have been!  With Quiet Home Paints, all of those cans would be recyclable (just saying)

6. Decisions...

Buying a sample and putting them on the wall like this is a great way to visualize the color and determine which one to go with...  You might try narrowing it down to 3 or 4 before doing so.  Samples of our colors found here

7. Stencil Power

What a great floor.  Applause for really going for it!  Stenciling is a great way to bring something special to your space.  Bravo! 

8. Every painter needs a good partner. 

A loyal pup makes the best painting partner...  as long as you keep their feet and tails clear of wet paint! 

Now get painting (and instagramming!)