I moved to Boston a few months after graduating from college.  I spent the summer at home saving some money and just as soon as I could I moved with two girlfriends into a small, but perfect apartment in the North End.  For four years Boston was my home.  I honestly can not even begin to list all of the good that Boston gave me.  I owe a sense of independence, life-long friendships and the most wonderful memories to this city.  Boston gave me long nights in Fenway Park, early mornings on the T, hot summer weekends spent searching for a cool breeze and winters full of slush that seemed to last forever. Not one moment of it would I change.  When I left Boston for a year in San Francisco I missed so much about it - the neighborhoods, the people, but mostly the heart.  Boston is a city that has real heart.  And when we decided to leave San Francisco for home, that is exactly what it was - coming home.  

Everytime I looked at this photo up until yesterday, I laughed at myself.  But today, I love it.  It exemplifies all I felt and still feel about Boston.  It is my city and I share it with amazing people.  What happened yesterday feels deeply personal to me. 

Today we want to extend our deepest sympathies to all those who were affected by the explosions.  We want to thank all those people who ran towards the site of the attack to help those in need.  The quote by Mr. Rogers has been flying around social media today.  You've probably already seen it.  To us, it is the only way to look at this and feel any sense of hope, something very much needed.  So yes, Mr. Rogers, let's look for the helpers.  There are still so many good people in this world.