Good Homes India Shoot: Paint it Pretty

We have a special treat for you today: a shoot featured in Good Homes, India all about our paint and how you can use it to make even the most challenging space shine. 


Good Homes is a wonderful magazine out of India!  We worked with them to create a few spaces featuring our paint in transformational ways...

Like this attic.  The angled walls of this guest room made it impossible to use traditional headboards.  Instead, we used paint to create bold blue versions which follow the angle of the ceiling line and really spruce up the room. 

Here is a before/after shot:

Those painted headboards make a big difference against a fresh coat of Whisper.  The blue is our color Ballgown (AND we used chalkboard paint!).  That lamp is also a Quiet Home Paints color: Pool.  

I just love this room now. 

Good Homes also published this "window treatment" we did to show that there are no limits to what you can achieve with a simple coat of paint:

Here our color Pond was used to create this unique window.  It couldn't have been easier... 

What do you think?  Something you would consider in place of the traditional?

And finally: a geometric, city-inspired wall:

Here we used our color Torn Skirt on top of Truss to create the city-scape.  

It's as simple as taping out the design (a series of vertical and horizontal lines) and then filling in with paint. 

What you do think?  I encourage you to check out the whole article (here's a link to the PDF)...  and the rest of the magazine for that matter.  We may be biased, but we think they feature some really spectacular stuff!  Special thanks to Good Homes for doing such a beautiful job featuring our paints!