the old days & puppy painting partners

I used to share a lot on this blog.  Well, a lot is an overstatement.  But I used to use my own life as inspiration for posts trying to find cute tie-ins to paint and ways to share both color and bits of my life with you.  Lately, it's been all about the paint.  I think it is because my life is also all about the paint these days.  As a girl, I used to dread going to work with my mom who was doing a lot of decorative painting those days.  I hated it.  I would do it, but I mumbled and grumbled the whole time.  I spent entire summers heading to job sites with her and learning to create custom finishes.  I worked the low sections of the walls while she worked high above me on a ladder.  Once a wall was started we couldn't take breaks because heaven forbid an edge dry out.  The whole wall might have to be redone.  This meant we worked fast and hard and I usually left for the day with paint not only covering my hands and legs, but usually in my hair from my mom's drips from high above.  We like to laugh about this now:  how much I hated painting and how my life revolves around it now.  

While I hated it, I learned a lot not only about paint, toxins and color - but also about how strong and brave my mom was (is)...  although I never would have admitted it then. 

These days things are different.  Our paints don't give me a headache or take a wire brush to remove from my skin.  I still don't love painting (GASP), but I've come to appreciate the process.  It's the single easiest and most cost-effective way to make a huge change in your space.  I love seeing the transformation and my house (much to the boy's chagrin) is my testing grounds and constantly changing colors. 

Since the weekend is just hours away and I find it hard to concentrate on composing a meaningful post on paint and color for you today,  I just thought I'd share all these somewhat random thoughts and make you a promise to start including little pieces of my life here again.  Starting Now...  

As you know, I work from home.  This is both wonderful and problematic at the same time.  There are days I forget to shower until 5 pm and realize the boy will be home shortly.  There are days I forget to eat because I've been wrapped up in some project and am too covered in paint to organize food.  On the contrary there are days when I eat ALL day because you know, I'm home and my house is full of yummy food and it should be eaten right?  There are days I don't leave the house once and feel like I'm going to go crazy.  There are days I feel lucky because I don't NEED to leave the house in the snow/ice/rain/cold and can instead work wrapped in a sleeping bag without judging eyes.  There are days when I am super productive without the distraction of others.  There are days where I am not so productive with the distractions of laundry, cleaning, the ocean down the street.  But mostly there are days where my only companion (aside from the emails and phone calls which don't really count as personal interaction in my book) is my pup. 

And because of this...  we've become close.  

And she has become my painting partner.  And while she isn't super helpful when it comes to the painting...  she is always there to keep me company. 

you can find her on any drop cloth, dangerously close to open paint containers... 

Or lounging around during photoshoots:

During this project for Good Homes, she stayed from the start...

to completion.  She's dedicated to the job. 

Can I get any closer to the action?  Here she helped me paint the bookshelves...

And stuck around to be in the resulting photoshoot... I swear she can see through those bangs...  sometimes. 

Sometimes she gets a little too curious and ends up with paint on her nose.  The boy likes to think he helped paint the living room and uses this picture as proof.  I would just like to state for the record that the small triangular space he is painting in this shot is the only area he painted.  Does that count??

And there you have it...  It sure is nice having a pup (and the boy) around.