a painted piano gift.

For a sweet little one's birthday present, the boy and I decided to re-do an antique child's piano.  Well, actually I decided - the boy didn't quite trust me until it arrived and he got to play with it.  Then he was on board.  The piano was a 2nd birthday present for our niece: a bubbly, active little girl.  The piano arrived a few weeks ago and we got to work giving it a makeover.

It was so fun to transform this antique little piano.  We found this one on ebay...  and there are plenty more where this came from.  

Here's how we did it:

1. Give piano a good wipe down to remove dust, dirt, etc.

Ours was in pretty good shape so this didn't take long... 

2.  Sand the piano:

Use a pretty fine grit sand paper and give the whole thing a good sanding.  Then wipe down again to remove dust. 

3.  Prime it:

Put a coat of primer on the piano.  I get a lot of calls from folks saying the primer looks streaky on wood..  this is totally fine.  It's still doing its job and doesn't need to look like you would want your coat of paint to look. It's just giving the paint something to hold onto...  so no worries if it looks like mine in the above photo. 

4. Pick your color:

We custom mixed this one, because I wanted something a little different than what we offer in our collection.  It's a beautiful minty-green that feels fresh and summery.  What do you think?  Should we add it to our collections??  (ps. that reminds me - we do offer matching services to any color your heart desires if you can't find it in our collections...  it isn't a service we have displayed prominently on the website, but we are working on making it more clear.)

5. Paint the piano:

This is after the first coat.  You can see it needed two coats.  So wait for the first coat to dry completely than give it a second coat.  

6.  Add the details:

The boy and I debated accent colors for a while before deciding on bloom.  We put a few stripes on the front legs and free-handed her name across the front (all in between rounds of cards and a few beverages on a weekend evening). 

I used painters tape and smaller artist's brushes for this part.  It made the script much easier to execute. 

7. Finally:  Let it dry and wrap it up! 


Voila.  A pretty gift for a pretty (and smart!) little girl... 

Oh and 8:  receive payment

(did I mention she is the best hug giver?  That's the boy sucking up this special moment)