Weekend Adventures

Happy Monday!  Welcome back to the work week...  I hope you had a great weekend.  The boy and I had a rare weekend "off".  We had no obligations and no time schedule to meet.  In anticipation of our first free weekend since the weather turned warmer we brainstormed ideas for how to spend it in the days leading up to Friday.  Kayaking, hiking, exploring our beautiful town, going to the garden store, weeding, and relaxing were all on the list.  We weren't able to check everything off, but we did a fair amount:


various views from the ferris wheel in gloucester for st. peter's fiesta.  i love this town. 


the greasy pole.  this a gloucester event that has been going on since (or before) 1931 (I got a few different stories).  Each year, they grease up this 40 foot pole that lives in the harbor and brave men (no ladies, but maybe someday?) attempt to run to the end and capture a flag.  First one to get the flag gets the glory.  Most fall into the water, some hit the pole on their way down earning serious shrieks from the crowd. It's quite the unique experience... (don't worry about the grease in the water,  they use biodegradable axle grease, Crisco, Tabasco and banana peels to grease the pole...)



Sunday we got up early, loaded the pup in the car and headed toward the Whites:

and hiked Mt. Moosilauke.


the top of this mountain is incredible with 360 degree views of the region.


Ms. Rigby had no trouble with the 6 mile hike to the top (we huffed and puffed a bit more). 



There is nothing like a good summer weekend.   What did you do with yours?


This week is a short one, but we have a lot for you.  Andi's bathroom reveal, a tutorial on stripes and some new colors are all on the docket...  stay tuned!