no stripes today.

I know I promised that we would be posting a stripe tutorial today for you.  Sadly, it's not quite ready.  What I didn't tell you about our weekend adventure was that on the way down the mountain I messed myself up pretty good.  You see, there was this smiley face.  It seemed so fitting.  We had just climbed a beautiful mountain, enjoyed lunch at the top and I felt strong as we headed down the mountain.  I saw a smiley face carved into a tree.  It, in return, made me smile and so I pointed it out to the boy wanting him to smile also.  He did and then promptly slipped.  The trail was very wet from all the rain we've been having and required constant attention.  Regardless, I laughed at him for slipping (he was perfectly fine) and just as I started to say, "I guess I shouldn't point anything out to distract --" my foot wedged between two rocks and I hit the ground hard.  On the way down my ankle gave a loud pop as it sprung loose from the rocks.  I don't know how but I ended up on my back grasping my ankle.  My first thought was "it's broken."  My second thought was "eff, this hurts."  My third thought was, "how the heck am I going to get off this mountain?"  The boy was bent over me with concern all over his face which really worried me so he quickly changed his tune to humor.  Something that makes me feel better.  But I'm not the best patient and I kept telling him that I just needed a minute and making noises like Ouch,  Ohhh and Wah...  And then a miraculous thing happened.  My ankle and foot went mostly numb.  I said, "I think I can walk now," the boy helped me into a standing position, and we slowly picked our way down the mountain.  I'd also like to point out that while this was going on my dog, the one I thought would always come to my rescue, just stood there looking at me like I was a buffoon.  As we hiked down I could feel my sock get tighter and tighter as my ankle swelled and I asked the boy to remind me that even if something was wrong with my ankle it wouldn't be life threatening.  I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and my mind often takes me to the worst case scenarios.  He reassured me that no, bone fragments weren't going to travel to my heart and kill me, and yes, it was normal for it to be swelling so fast, and no, i wouldn't lose my foot.  As we neared the bottom of the mountain, the pain increased and I started to get really grumpy.  The boy took the brunt of my wrath like a champ and cheered me on until we got to the car.  I took off my boots and my socks and saw that indeed something was really wrong with my ankle. 


Fast forward to today. I'm still sitting on the couch with my foot on three pillows.  It is rapidly getting larger and more purple and I suspect the doctor will be mad at me for not coming in sooner.  Don't worry, I'm on my there shortly.  But what this all means is that I can't paint stripes.  And so there is no tutorial today.  


But fear not!  I found two great tutorials on this very subject matter from around the web and am sharing them here just in case you can't wait for our own:


One of my favorite DIY blogs out there,Young House Love, did a superb tutorial on horizontal stripes.  Check it out! 

Andthis one, from Songbird,is comprehensive as well and even uses fancy gadgets if you are into that. 


I promise our tutorial is still coming, but it will most likely be next week at this point.  My apologies for not having it for you today!