Good Morning!   We have been busy little painters around these parts, but on top of that we have been busy making some adjustments to our website.  I wanted to share with you some new features we put in place to make your life easier... 


1. Help picking a paint color:

We get a lot of emails from folks who'd like help choosing colors and we are happy to provide it.  While in depth color consultations will be deferred to Lisa, more simple assistance can be offered right through the site now. 


Under the samples page, we added a box that leads you to a questionnaire we put together to better help you with your color selections.  Once you fill out the questionnaire it submitted to us and we will get back to you with color suggestions within a day (or two at most).  


The questionnaire if fun to fill out with easy questions and room to specify exactly what you are you trying to achieve.  Try it out! 



2.  Custom Colors:

We have offered a custom color service from the very beginning but it wasn't listed anywhere on our website so you used to have to email us if you wanted this service.  Now, you can order your customer color right through the site. 



We are able to match any color you'd like.  When you order, you just need to provide us with the color number. 


As a side note, we can custom match to other things as well (fabric/art/whatever your heart desires), but in that case you would need to actually send us the swatch through snail mail.  This is an easy way if you are matching to another paint color. 



3.  Find our paints:

This is a feature on the site that will be growing in the next few months as we show up in more and more spaces.  It lists the stores that currently are stocking some or all of our paints.  


As you can see, right now we are in Sprout San Francisco, Chicago and NYC.  We'd like to take this opportunity to say that we LOVE Sprout.  If you live in those areas and haven't checked them out, you should!  They are the go-to baby boutique if you are looking for all natural, organic, safe products for your little one.  They seriously rock.  



As you scroll through the site, you may see some other small changes...  all part of keeping up with the growing business.



Coming later today on the blog:  more painted cribs! 

And tomorrow?  A HUGE (and I mean huge) giveaway! 



Happy Thursday!