Two. Then Five.

Guess who turns two today!!! 

That's right.  Rigby!  My painting partner, work from home companion, protector when the boy is travelling, adorable, furry, love muffin. 

This morning I took her swimming - her all time favorite activity - before work to celebrate.  It is always so nice being on the water before all the activity begins.  It's so quiet and peaceful. 



Here you can see her internal struggle between staying put like I asked and grabbing her toy and running. 


While we are not having a birthday party for Rigby (I mean I've see it done, but she is a dog afterall) her birthday did get me thinking about parties and more specifically... ways to incorporate paint into milestone accomplishments.  


So without further adieu, 5 ways to celebrate a birthday with paint! 


1.  Surprise your little one with a room makeover while they are out at school or summer camp. 

My mom did this for me once.  I came home after a stay at my dad's to a new comforter and a hand painted mural of a tree.  Honestly, it was the best! 

Imagine your little (not so little) girl coming home from school to find this instead of her once white room?  How fun!  (photo from The Curby House)


Even a small change like the addition of a few stripes and a pop of color can make a big difference.  (Photo from paintplace)


Trust me, your little ones will thank you! 



2.  Create a birthday day chair for the birthday boy or girl.

Let's face it...  birthdays are pretty awesome.  Especially when you are little.  We love the idea of making a bright, fabulous birthday chair with a little paint. 

A little girl might look forward to sitting in her birthday chair all year if it looked like this! (photo from firstcomeslove)



This yellow painted high chair from Young House Love is perfect for a celebration! 



3.  DIY a gift with paint. 

This is one of our favorites... not only are being good to earth by upcycling something rather than buying something new, but the recipient will cherish a gift that you put your time and hard work into...  

Take an old changing table, add a coat of paint, some new handles, hand made drapes and voila... a play kitchen.  That chalkboard paint is perfect, too (ahem, all our colors come in chalkboard - just a reminder).   (photo credit)


Don't limit yourself...  you can upcycle just about anything.  Have a little musician?  Re-paint an antique child's piano like this one I did for my niece.  Chairs, frames, mirrors, shelves, rocking chairs and rocking horses... anything can look new and exciting with a coat of paint. 



4. Give them a space for creating. 

Paint a wall with chalkboard paint and write a birthday message.  Slap on a bow and you have the gift that keeps on giving.  Again, all of our colors come in chalkboard finish, so you don't need to limit yourself to black. (photo credit)


Not feeling a whole wall?  Try the top of a table or just an area of a wall to still give those kiddos plenty of room to create. 


(from chase the star)





(photo credit)


5. Create an oasis.

Who says paint can only be used for someone else's birthday.  If yours is coming up, pick a soothing color (we suggest sea glass or shutter) and create a space just for you.  





What do you think?  Will you use paint in your next birthday celebration?? 

Have a happy Tuesday!