Two for one: Teeny Tuesday and Painting 101: Horizontal Stripes

I've been promising you a post about my bathroom makeover for a long time.  I've also been promising you a post about how to paint stripes for a long time so I've decided to combine them!  Today I'll show you in full detail how I updated my teeny tiny bathroom to make it look slightly larger while also detailing how to paint stripes on the wall for you.  I made a video...  as you guys know, I am not a skilled video editor so it is what it is.  But I hope it is helpful to you...  I've also detailed the steps below in text form.  

Step 1:  Pick your paint colors. 

My bathroom was taupe and I wanted it to be white with teal stripes so I chose Whisper and Torn Skirt. 

Step 2: Paint the base color

Since I wanted three of the four walls to be whisper and the forth wall to be a combination of whisper and tornskirt I painted the whole bathroom in Whisper.  Cut the edges first, then roll the rest and let dry completely before moving on. 

Step 3: Measure your stripes

If you doing horizontal stripes, like I did, measure the height of your wall (not including the baseboard).  Then do some quick math to figure out how wide to make your stripes.  My wall is 76 inches.  I knew I wanted my stripes to be around 10 inches wide, but obviously 10 doesn't got into 76 evenly and I wanted each stripe to be the same size.  So I figured out that if I made my stripes 9.5 inches I could make exactly 8 of them to fill the space completely.  (76=9.5 x 8) 

Using a ruler and a pencil, start at the ceiling and mark 9.5 inches down from the ceiling line in various spots across the wall.  Then move down and mark 9.5 inches from the last mark all the way down the wall. 

Step 4: Tape your stripes

Using your pencil marks as a guide tape out the edges.  Keep in mind that the stripes you are painting need to have the whole 9.5 inches exposed, so tape on the outside edge of the pencil lines. (The stripes that are staying white will look more narrow but that is just because the tape is covering part of the space - does that make sense?)

Step 5: Paint

Run your fingers along the edge of the tape to make sure it is adhered to the wall without any gaps.  Then paint! I use a brush to do the edges and ceiling line and then roll the rest. 

Step 6: Pull off the tape

Many will say wait until the paint is completely dry, and this is probably smart, but I never do.  I am not that patient.  Simply pull the tape off angling it toward the color you just painted as you pull and voila!  Stripes! 

Step 7: Enjoy! 

I chose to do the stripes horizontally like this to really help extend that wall and make the space feel bigger.   What do you think?