Circle Furniture Event Recap.

Good Morning All!  Last night Lisa and I attended an event at Circle Furniture in Framingham.  If you haven't been into a Circle Furniture and live in the area (they have six stores in Massachusetts) I highly recommend getting off your computer and heading in now!  They sell beautiful furniture and walking into their stores always leaves me wanting to redecorate.  I especially love the colors they use, being a color lover myself.  

Anyway, Circle Furniture hosted an event called A Touch of Hue and invited us to speak at the event.  Tiffani from Style by Tiffani also came in to speak and shared some great tips on how to style your home with objects you may already have laying around.  It was a really fun night!  

Lisa spoke about color.  Surprise!  It's always fun to see her in action, but if you weren't able to make the event, don't worry!  I recorded it to share with you all today.  She talks about how colors work together and how you can use color (specifically paint) to make the eye see the things in your home you want to highlight (great architecture, fabulous pillows, etc) and hide the things you don't want to see (awkward architecture, low ceilings, etc).  

Here's a little video of her talk (I promise someday I will remember to hold my iphone horizontally when shooting..,  next time!) 

We also put together these images that we passed around on the ipad to really show the power of color.  

1.  This is just one of the many beautiful displays in Circle Furniture - I just LOVE that green couch and am considering how I can make it work in my home: 

2.  Same couch with a neutral wall behind it (our color Puff):

3.  And with a soft blue (our pout):

4.  And my personal favorite - a bold blue (ballgown):

We did the same for one of their other bright and fabulous set ups:

Love these colors together! 

2.  Now see what happens with a neutral background (puff):

3. Or what does a bold yellow do to the space? (our buzz)

4. Or bright orange?  Our color jump changed the space completely: 

5 And finally Peony:

Pretty fascinating, right?  

Anyway, it was fun for me to watch Lisa in action.  It reminded me (not that I ever forget it!) how talented she is and how lucky I am to work with her.  Now...  your homework - what space in your room needs a change of paint color to make the other accessories sing?  We'd love to hear your thoughts!