picking the perfect nursery color: soft and subtle

You may have noticed we've been quiet over here for the past few days.  We are so blessed to have welcomed the newest member of the family to the world over the weekend - my new niece and Lisa's new granddaughter.   After much anticipation she came quickly and was immediately loved.  We spent some time with her, her big sister and their mom and dad.  While we are home now and back to work, we are still sending them our love.

Welcome little one!  Being a little sister, I know how awesome it is to have a big sister.  These two are so lucky to have each other!  


So today, I have babies on the brain.  As you know, Quiet Home Paints originated with just our nursery collection of colors, Quiet Nursery.  The colors range from subtle and soft to sweet and serene to bold and bright - all being crisp, unmuddied colors that work perfectly in the nursery (although don't limit yourself to using them just there!).  This collection of colors was so fun to create! So for a few days I want to share some photos of great nurseries using colors from or similar to our nursery collection to inspire you to do the same!  

Lets start with subtle and soft.  You can achieve a subtle, soft nursery with the use of our Sleep Palette

clockwise from top left:  melt, breathe, wisp, puff, mist, touch... 

These are some of my favorite choices when painting a nursery.  The lightness of the colors opens up the space and works as a great backdrop for whatever accents you wish to add.  Just see for yourself!



This dreamy, soft yellow space feels open and airy. The use of a soft yellow (like our melt) with whites and naturals creates a warm, subtle space perfect for singing lullabys.  (photo credit: On to Baby)




This is our color breathe: a soft, dreamy blue as seen here in little Arlo's room (from DearBabyBlog).  The colors is the perfect blue if you are looking for just a little color.  Here it's been played up with bolder accents like the warm rug and the turquoise dress and frame (that's our color splash by the way).  But it can just as easily be used with softer accents to create a different look.  This is one of our favorites for a little boy's room, because its blue (a classic choice) without being over the top). 




And next is our pale, pale purple: Wisp

It, too, is soft and subtle, but gives a room just the right touch of lavender when on the walls.  We love it best with bright white.   This is a detail shot from Everly's room (DearBabyBlog)





Onto one of my favorite colors (from both collections!) - Puff.  Puff is a soft neutral. It reads warm and crisp at the same time.  It is anything but taupe.  Paired with creamy whites and fun textures, puff is the perfect choice for a sophisticated nursery.  Try our color puff to get a similar look!  (I had some trouble tracking a source for this - the closest I can get is this pin.  If you know the origin, let me know!)




Gray is the new neutral these days, it seems everyone is in love with this color and we are no exception.  Mist is our most delicate of gray and when paired with bright white will give you a room that feels light, breathy, and beautiful.  (Photo from decor8blog)




And finally:

The perfect pale pink.  This photo is from On to Baby, but you can get this look with our color, touch.  It's another of my favorites and if I have a little girl someday this will absolutely be the color I use.  It is pink without being PINK if you know what I mean. I love it paired with warm whites and naturals.  Having a little lady?  Definitely check out this color. 



And there you have it.  The sleep palette in a nutshell.  



Tomorrow we will take a closer look at the Wake Palette - beautiful colors with a little more saturation for happy, beautiful nursery!  Until then!