picking the perfect nursery color: sweet and happy

So yesterday we talked about soft and serene nurseries using colors from our Sleep Palette.  Today, we want to show you some nursery looks you can create using the colors from our Wake Palette.  The colors in the Wake Palette are a little more pigmented, but won't read bold in your space.  They mid-tone, clean colors that will be sure to inspire many happy moments.

The wake palette consists of (from top left, clockwise): petal, bee, pond, pout, perch, sprig

Oh how I love the names of these colors...


Shall we go in order? 

So Pink...  Some people love it, some people hate it, but I think we can all agree that when pink is done right it can be pretty.  Petal is a great pink when you are looking for something sweet and cheerful.  

OK so, this isn't our color Petal, but it is SUPER close.  This is actually a room Lisa designed for a showhouse a few years ago (before QHP came to be) and was the inspiration for creating our color Petal.   I love how sweet the pink is paired with whites, naturals, and unexpected touches. 

By the way, Petal is one of our most popular colors - if you've used it in your nursery please send photos!  We love to see our customer's spaces! 




Bee.  It's another best-seller and rightfully so.  It's a sunny, happy yellow:

see? sunny.  Really, this yellow is the perfect yellow.  If you want to make a space that feels sunshiney even on rainy days or a space that you and your little one can retreat to for some needed quiet time and then turn around and inspire a giggle session, this is your color. 




Pond is my personal favorite.  I think it's the perfect color if you are waiting to find out if your baby is a boy or girl.  It's a blueish-greenish beauty:

Do you love it like I do?

It works really well with yellows (that dresser is our bee and catnap and the canvas is our buzz).  




And now on to blue:  Pout

This blue nursery (from here) shows how a blue like pout can transform your space into a dreamy, happy, lovely little space.  Don't limit yourself to using blue for only boys (although that is lovely), when paired with yellows it can be really fitting for a little girl too! 




Perch is our mid-tone neutral perfect for a nursery. 

This photo (from kindsomania) is the perfect example of how a neutral is anything but boring.  It stills gives a room color, just in a soft, warm way.  I love using neutrals with whites like they've done here.   What do you think?




And finally Sprig:

Sprig is our true green.  It is fresh and the perfect backdrop for an inspiring nursery.  


So there you have it:  our Wake Palette


Next week we will get bold and talk about our Play and Pop Palettes.  Get ready!