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New Colors for Summer!

It's a week of big things.  Monday we announced our partnership with Circle Furniture and today...  well, today we have this:


We are thrilled to unveil our newest palette of colors just in time for the summer heat.  These refreshing hues were inspired by our favorite summertime flavors.  From icy yellows to misty greens there is something sure to please every sun worshiper. 


Here in New England, the warmer weather is slow to take hold.  We've had a few nice days, but mostly it has been a cold and dreary spring.  Lately though I can feel the warmth creeping in and am rejoicing in the fact soon those summer days will be upon us.  Which of our new sorbet inspired colors would you like to see in your spaces? 


Here are some fabulous finds from around the web of similar colors to get you inspired:


(all images source from Pinterest)


ps. 20% off all new colors from this palette today only! Use code Coolitdown

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QHP with Circle Furniture

One of our goals from the very beginning has been to change the way people shop for and buy paint.  The idea was two-fold:  first, allowing people to buy their paint online without any of the back and forth to the paint store and lugging heavy gallons to and from the car.  This part we accomplished early and are happy to report is going incredibly well.  Once our customers get used to the idea that they can shop for paint online, most are thrilled that the paint will arrive on their doorstep, ready to use.  The second part was more challenging, but very exciting to us: offering our paint, not in paint stores, but in home furnishing and design stores to make the paint buying experience part of the whole home shopping experience.  We feel strongly that if home owners are able to buy their paint at the same time, in the same place, that they are buying their rugs, couches, art, etc they will have an enhanced shopping experience.  Not only will they benefit from the help of design consultants to choose paint colors that work with their other purchases, but they can see the colors together right there in the store giving them piece of mind that yes, these colors will work together in my home.  


We are happy to report that the second part of this goal is now a reality with our recent partnership with Circle Furniture.  Circle Furniture is a beautiful home store with seven locations in Massachusetts.  Walking into their store is always a treat as you are instantly greeted with bright colors, beautiful furnishings and fresh arrangements.  If you love our paints for their quality, safety, and environmentally friendly nature, you will not be disappointed with the other offerings at Circle Furniture.




We have installed a revolutionary ipad application in four of their stores (listed below) which will allow you to buy our paint right through the store.  The app makes the buying process easy and the store is stocked with large samples of our colors so you can walk around holding them up to each piece of furniture that you are also considering for your home.  Circle Furniture's design consultants are all fully trained on our paint and can help you determine what sheen of paint you require and how much you will need.  



We also painted each of their stores in three of our colors...  we love how Peep, Splash and Bolt brighten up each location. 



While you can purchase our paint through any of their stores, our ipad stands can be found in the following locations:







We hope you will stop in one of the following locations and check out our paints in person!  We are thrilled to be able to offer our paint in this way and will be announcing more locations across the nation in the coming months. If there is a store in your area where you'd like to see Quiet Home Paints, let us know! 


ps.  You get 5% each purchase if you buy in the store!  Go check it out today! 

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Ask us anything: Painting a dresser

Dear QHP, 


I am expecting a little one in May and working on the nursery.  I'd like to paint a hand-me-down dresser to bring new life to it.  I have seen a lot of posts on Pinterest for inspiration, but am wondering if your paints would work for this purpose and also if you have any tips about how to accomplish the job.  I've never done a DIY project like this before. 



-nurturing nester

First, let me start out by saying congratulations!  We wish you and your growing family much joy.  Now to answer your questions.  Yes, our paints can absolutely be used to re-finish your dresser.  In fact, they are a great choice especially because you want to do the painting yourself.  With many paints you would be encouraged to leave the house while any painting was being done or to wear a gas mask.  That is not the case with our paints - you can use them without any fear for your or your growing little one's health.  

Now for some tips:  

-Anytime you are painting furniture we recommend using our Satin finish.  It is incredibly durable and will be your best choice to prevent chipping down the road.  It has a slight sheen to it which looks really nice on furniture pieces.  All of our colors are available in this finish, so pick your favorite(s). 

-Don't forget to prep the piece!  This is the least fun part of the painting process, but the most important.  You need to prep the piece so the paint will adhere and you won't find yourself having to repaint over and over again.  Prepping steps depend on what kind of shape your piece is in.  If it is just wood, with no finish to it, you will want to sand and prime the piece.  If it is previously painted, you will want to sand the piece but might be able to get away without priming, again depending on the condition.  Once sanded, wipe off any dust with a cloth.  Allow any primer to dry overnight before painting. 

-Use the right tools!  When painting make sure you are using tools of good quality that are right for the job.  A nice angled brush is perfect for smaller pieces or details, while a good foam roller helps to create a smooth finish on bigger areas. Tape is always encouraged if you are using more than color to help get a straight line or for any detail work (like stripes or chevrons). 

-Be creative!  Don't be intimidated to add color or design elements.  It is only paint after all and easily changed if you aren't overjoyed at the result.  But in our experience the more creative you are willing to be, the more in love you will fall with the piece once it is done. 


Hope that helps!  Have so much fun giving your piece a facelift.  One of my favorite things about paint is how easily it can transform something into a one of a kind piece.  Send us photos! 


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a look back....

2013 was a big year for Quiet Home Paints.  Each new year I like to take a look back at how far we've come before re-focusing on what is next.  I am big on resolutions and I find that a quick glance behind helps me shape meaningful resolutions for the future...  So today a look at the past 365 days.  Tomorrow? Resolutions for the next. 


In 2013 we added new colors to our line:

like emma, a personal favorite of mine. 


we reached 1000 likes on facebook:

and then soared to over 5000!! Thanks friends! 


we painted a lot...


and showcased some colors in dreamy ways:


we worked through a blizzard


painted some easter eggs


and were published here and there:


we re-branded with a new logo:



taught you to paint stripes:



we gave away some awesome chairs:




and celebrated our mascot's birthday:



we gave some fun talks:



popped up in locations nationwide:


and showcased our radio voices:



we celebrated our co-founders wedding:


(photographer: Maria Vicencio)


painted pumpkins for fall:



taught you to update your holiday table with our paints:




And had a blast doing it all...


It was a whirlwind of a year and there is much more to come.  2014 is all about reaching a bigger audience and educating on the importance of using a truly non-toxic product.  You can expect to see us in more stores, see more posts about health, and speak at more events.  We hope you will continue to follow along as 2014 unfolds... 


And of course, we wish you the happiest, healthiest and most colorful year yet!


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something to hear.

The boy, the pup and I spend a lot of time in the car.  You know the one. 

Bessie, we call her.  She has been with us for over four years and taken us across the country twice, to DC and back countless times, into the Whites regularly and one winter to Jay Peak and back every weekend, always in dumping snow.  She's our trusty ride and this weekend we loaded up and went to NH to celebrate birthdays and cut down our Christmas tree. 

Bessie is great.  There are just a few things that get to us from time to time.  The heat/air conditioning doesn't work unless you physically hold it in the on position and then it is all or nothing.  The trunk refuses to stay locked and pops open from time to time.  And our radio doesn't work.  We say it gives her character.  And we have found work-arounds.  I always pack a blanket to wrap up in and stay warm when we get tired of holding the heat on, if we close and lock the doors in just the right order we can prevent the trunk from popping open.  And we listen to radiolab on our phones instead of the radio.  


In their own words, "Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience."  We've listened to shows on blame, love, impossible decisions, confusing custody questions, the many wonders of blood, Ötzi , the incredibly scary Rabies disease, and on our drive home yesterday: Color.  We listen, discuss, repeat.  It's been a wonderful way to spend long car rides. 


Anyway.  This one on color, as a color lover and someone who spends entire days looking closely at different tones, I found fascinating.  I wanted to share it with all of you today here on our little blog. 




It's an hour program, so its best to listen to while stuck in the car/train/airplane - or while puttering around the house or doing a more mindless work task (like cutting fan decks which is what I am about to do). 


Enjoy!  I found especially fascinating the last segment on the color blue...  let us know what you think! 



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4 simple ways to transform your holiday table with paint

 If you are like me, this week will be hectic with cleaning, prepping, and planning decor for the upcoming holiday.  So today, we wanted to share with you some really easy, simple ways to transform your holiday table into something really spectacular using paint.  Enjoy! 


Our four simple ways to transform your holiday table with paint:


1. Chalk drawn runner

This is so fun and easy.   Start with a table top painted in our chalkboard paint.  Don't limit yourself to just black.  Chalkboard paint is available in all of our colors!  I chose our emerald green, emma, for this tabletop.  I think it is festive and beautiful.   After a coat of primer and two coats of chalkboard paint, you are ready to design your own custom runner. 


All you need is a painted tabletop in chalkboard, some stencils (or you could free hand it) and some chalk. 


then just fill in the stencil...  easy peasy. 


I did two rows to get a substantial runner.  


and Viola!  I think vines and leaves could be really pretty, too.  Or leave a piece of chalk for each guest to record the things for which they are thankful.  By the end of the night you should have a table really worthy of the holiday. 



2.  A place for everything (marked with chalk). 

How nice would it be to know each dish you are serving will have a place and fit on the table nicely?  Done.  Start with a tabletop in chalkboard paint and mark out clearly where each dish will be placed, person will sit and item will go.  Serving dinner has never been easier.   Plan out in advance which platters you will be using and arrange them empty on the table.  Once you have a placement you like, trace around each dish and mark them with chalk. 


hint: if you don't want to commit to painting your table in chalkboard paint, grab a piece of plywood (please ask for the nice, toxin free kind - its worth the extra bucks) and place it over your existing table.  The boy wouldn't let me paint our heirloom dining table, so I just painted this tabletop I had from IKEA instead...  works brilliantly. 



3.  Custom candlesticks:

I love this project.  You can really jazz up your table by adding painted candlesticks that you yourself have designed to coordinate with your other design choices.  I chose to feature some other colors from the estate palette since my table was painted in the brilliant jewel toned, emma.  I used ballgown and slipper on the candlesticks to add some more pop and added touches of torn skirt to coordinate.  


Just start with wood candlestick holders from any craft store and paint away.  


I love these.  (and you can win them!  Details below!)


4.  Use hand dipped ornaments as joint placecards/favors for guests to take home. 

How nice for the guests to know where to sit and have a little something to take home with them (aside from leftovers)


Start with plain white ornaments and dip the lower half into the colors of your choice.  Use a paint brush to wipe off excess at the bottom and hang to dry.  Add guests' names and place at each setting...  





And there you have it.  Four really easy ways to transform your table with paint.  


And happy painting!!! 



ps. I almost forgot!  Do you want to win these custom, hand painted in our own organic, non-toxic paints candlestick holders for your own table??  check us out on facebook to enter!  You'll find a post on our page about the giveaway...  like it and you're in the running!  


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picking the perfect nursery color: sweet and happy

So yesterday we talked about soft and serene nurseries using colors from our Sleep Palette.  Today, we want to show you some nursery looks you can create using the colors from our Wake Palette.  The colors in the Wake Palette are a little more pigmented, but won't read bold in your space.  They mid-tone, clean colors that will be sure to inspire many happy moments.

The wake palette consists of (from top left, clockwise): petal, bee, pond, pout, perch, sprig

Oh how I love the names of these colors...


Shall we go in order? 

So Pink...  Some people love it, some people hate it, but I think we can all agree that when pink is done right it can be pretty.  Petal is a great pink when you are looking for something sweet and cheerful.  

OK so, this isn't our color Petal, but it is SUPER close.  This is actually a room Lisa designed for a showhouse a few years ago (before QHP came to be) and was the inspiration for creating our color Petal.   I love how sweet the pink is paired with whites, naturals, and unexpected touches. 

By the way, Petal is one of our most popular colors - if you've used it in your nursery please send photos!  We love to see our customer's spaces! 




Bee.  It's another best-seller and rightfully so.  It's a sunny, happy yellow:

see? sunny.  Really, this yellow is the perfect yellow.  If you want to make a space that feels sunshiney even on rainy days or a space that you and your little one can retreat to for some needed quiet time and then turn around and inspire a giggle session, this is your color. 




Pond is my personal favorite.  I think it's the perfect color if you are waiting to find out if your baby is a boy or girl.  It's a blueish-greenish beauty:

Do you love it like I do?

It works really well with yellows (that dresser is our bee and catnap and the canvas is our buzz).  




And now on to blue:  Pout

This blue nursery (from here) shows how a blue like pout can transform your space into a dreamy, happy, lovely little space.  Don't limit yourself to using blue for only boys (although that is lovely), when paired with yellows it can be really fitting for a little girl too! 




Perch is our mid-tone neutral perfect for a nursery. 

This photo (from kindsomania) is the perfect example of how a neutral is anything but boring.  It stills gives a room color, just in a soft, warm way.  I love using neutrals with whites like they've done here.   What do you think?




And finally Sprig:

Sprig is our true green.  It is fresh and the perfect backdrop for an inspiring nursery.  


So there you have it:  our Wake Palette


Next week we will get bold and talk about our Play and Pop Palettes.  Get ready! 




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picking the perfect nursery color: soft and subtle

You may have noticed we've been quiet over here for the past few days.  We are so blessed to have welcomed the newest member of the family to the world over the weekend - my new niece and Lisa's new granddaughter.   After much anticipation she came quickly and was immediately loved.  We spent some time with her, her big sister and their mom and dad.  While we are home now and back to work, we are still sending them our love.

Welcome little one!  Being a little sister, I know how awesome it is to have a big sister.  These two are so lucky to have each other!  


So today, I have babies on the brain.  As you know, Quiet Home Paints originated with just our nursery collection of colors, Quiet Nursery.  The colors range from subtle and soft to sweet and serene to bold and bright - all being crisp, unmuddied colors that work perfectly in the nursery (although don't limit yourself to using them just there!).  This collection of colors was so fun to create! So for a few days I want to share some photos of great nurseries using colors from or similar to our nursery collection to inspire you to do the same!  

Lets start with subtle and soft.  You can achieve a subtle, soft nursery with the use of our Sleep Palette

clockwise from top left:  melt, breathe, wisp, puff, mist, touch... 

These are some of my favorite choices when painting a nursery.  The lightness of the colors opens up the space and works as a great backdrop for whatever accents you wish to add.  Just see for yourself!



This dreamy, soft yellow space feels open and airy. The use of a soft yellow (like our melt) with whites and naturals creates a warm, subtle space perfect for singing lullabys.  (photo credit: On to Baby)




This is our color breathe: a soft, dreamy blue as seen here in little Arlo's room (from DearBabyBlog).  The colors is the perfect blue if you are looking for just a little color.  Here it's been played up with bolder accents like the warm rug and the turquoise dress and frame (that's our color splash by the way).  But it can just as easily be used with softer accents to create a different look.  This is one of our favorites for a little boy's room, because its blue (a classic choice) without being over the top). 




And next is our pale, pale purple: Wisp

It, too, is soft and subtle, but gives a room just the right touch of lavender when on the walls.  We love it best with bright white.   This is a detail shot from Everly's room (DearBabyBlog)





Onto one of my favorite colors (from both collections!) - Puff.  Puff is a soft neutral. It reads warm and crisp at the same time.  It is anything but taupe.  Paired with creamy whites and fun textures, puff is the perfect choice for a sophisticated nursery.  Try our color puff to get a similar look!  (I had some trouble tracking a source for this - the closest I can get is this pin.  If you know the origin, let me know!)




Gray is the new neutral these days, it seems everyone is in love with this color and we are no exception.  Mist is our most delicate of gray and when paired with bright white will give you a room that feels light, breathy, and beautiful.  (Photo from decor8blog)




And finally:

The perfect pale pink.  This photo is from On to Baby, but you can get this look with our color, touch.  It's another of my favorites and if I have a little girl someday this will absolutely be the color I use.  It is pink without being PINK if you know what I mean. I love it paired with warm whites and naturals.  Having a little lady?  Definitely check out this color. 



And there you have it.  The sleep palette in a nutshell.  



Tomorrow we will take a closer look at the Wake Palette - beautiful colors with a little more saturation for happy, beautiful nursery!  Until then! 


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Circle Furniture Event Recap.

Good Morning All!  Last night Lisa and I attended an event at Circle Furniture in Framingham.  If you haven't been into a Circle Furniture and live in the area (they have six stores in Massachusetts) I highly recommend getting off your computer and heading in now!  They sell beautiful furniture and walking into their stores always leaves me wanting to redecorate.  I especially love the colors they use, being a color lover myself.  

Anyway, Circle Furniture hosted an event called A Touch of Hue and invited us to speak at the event.  Tiffani from Style by Tiffani also came in to speak and shared some great tips on how to style your home with objects you may already have laying around.  It was a really fun night!  

Lisa spoke about color.  Surprise!  It's always fun to see her in action, but if you weren't able to make the event, don't worry!  I recorded it to share with you all today.  She talks about how colors work together and how you can use color (specifically paint) to make the eye see the things in your home you want to highlight (great architecture, fabulous pillows, etc) and hide the things you don't want to see (awkward architecture, low ceilings, etc).  

Here's a little video of her talk (I promise someday I will remember to hold my iphone horizontally when shooting..,  next time!) 

We also put together these images that we passed around on the ipad to really show the power of color.  

1.  This is just one of the many beautiful displays in Circle Furniture - I just LOVE that green couch and am considering how I can make it work in my home: 

2.  Same couch with a neutral wall behind it (our color Puff):

3.  And with a soft blue (our pout):

4.  And my personal favorite - a bold blue (ballgown):

We did the same for one of their other bright and fabulous set ups:

Love these colors together! 

2.  Now see what happens with a neutral background (puff):

3. Or what does a bold yellow do to the space? (our buzz)

4. Or bright orange?  Our color jump changed the space completely: 

5 And finally Peony:

Pretty fascinating, right?  

Anyway, it was fun for me to watch Lisa in action.  It reminded me (not that I ever forget it!) how talented she is and how lucky I am to work with her.  Now...  your homework - what space in your room needs a change of paint color to make the other accessories sing?  We'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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a day in the life.

It's been a while.  But here I am back to the daily grind.  What does that entail you ask?  Well, how about a little glimpse into a typical day at Quiet Home Paints?  I get asked a lot about what my days look like.  As you know, I work the majority of my days from home which has both wonderful advantages (pajamas!) and distinct disadvantages (pajamas!).  Every day is different depending on what we have going on.  Sometimes I am up in Portsmouth meeting with Lisa and sometimes I am on the road visiting customers and retailers, but most days I am here and on those days my time looks a little like this:

6:00: Boy's alarm goes off, I rejoice that I still have the time it takes him to walk the dog, shower, and get ready to lay in bed under the covers.

7:00: If I'm not already up, now is the time I need to get out of bed and drive the boy to the train station.  I usually do this in my pajamas.  Sometimes barefoot.  On more than one occasion I've wondered what might happen if I broke down and had to face public society in what I am wearing.

7:30: Blog Posting and tea (or more frequently if I'm being honest, hot chocolate).

I also use this quiet morning time to plan out and schedule all social media posts for the day, read relevant (and sometimes not so relevant) articles and snuggle with the puppy.

9:00 - noon: Now it's time for me to get serious.  I spend the morning preparing sample orders, processing paint orders and answering emails.  

Prepping and sending samples takes longer than you'd think.  I often come up with brilliant ideas on how to make this process more efficient, but at the end of the day there isn't much you can do about stuffing envelopes.  It is what it is.  Ours are very pretty if I do say so myself. 

noon - 1:00:  Walk the puppy and eat lunch

I love this part of the day for two reasons. 1. I love the puppy.  2. I love eating.  Lunches range from leftovers to pb&j sandwiches but most often consist of soup and good bread. 

1:00 - 5:00:  Paint something or many things

I will often need to re-stock a few colors for samples.  After that I have a long list of projects at any given time that need painting, mostly for blog posts. Today the list consists of things like: bedroom ceiling, bathroom ceiling, legs of kitchen chair, nightstands, and it goes on and on.  In the past it has consisted of things like chairs:





and even knife blocks:

Nothing is off limits in my home/office.

5:00 - 5:50: After washing my brushes and cleaning up I spend some time catching up on afternoon emails and prepping for the next day before heading out to pick up the boy.  Somewhere in there I find time to shower and put on real clothes...  I promise. 

and there you have it...  my day in a nutshell.  And now I better go get to it.  

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