Quiet Home Collection

Eliminate color anxiety with five distinct palettes expertly designed to create beautiful, safe spaces in your home or business.


Rustic, dusty, earthen. A palette inspired by nature to create comforting spaces.

  • Foxtail Foxtail

    Deep, cinnamon brown.

  • Husk Husk

    A mid-tone, earthy gold.

  • Minnow Minnow

    A mid-tone green with a watery essence.

  • Pebble Pebble

    See a rock and pick it up.. gentle grey with green.

  • Spool Spool

    Warm and light, the color of linen.

  • Truck Truck

    Your grandfather's '57 Chevy in paint form. A warm, clean red. 


Seaside, village or anywhere else: a palette perfectly unique and fresh.


    Nantucket red. Faded, bleached — an updated classic. 

  • Clothesline Clothesline

    A warm beige. 

  • Porch Porch

    Soft, summer blue, perfect for porch swinging. 

  • Sea Glass Sea Glass

    Our most popular color. The color of New England shore sea glass. 

  • Cup Cup

    Pale and tea stained, a unique neutral.

  • Shutter Shutter

    A soft grey with blue undertones reminiscent of bleached shingles.

  • Torn Skirt Torn Skirt

    In between aqua and teal.


Inspire elegance with this sophisticated and classic palette.

  • Ballgown Ballgown

    A deep, rich blue. Think Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet.

  • Celadon Celadon

    The name says it all: the color of this type of pottery. The perfect soft green.

  • Library Library

    An antique red, deep with wood tones, perfect for wrapping yourself in warm.

  • Cusp Cusp

    Is it blue or is it green? Or is the color of the sky after a storm? You decide. 

  • Saddle Saddle

    A warm, deep caramel the color of your pony's saddle.

  • Emma Emma

    Our take on emerald.  Bold and beautiful. 

  • Slipper Slipper

    Plié, please. A soft pink reminiscent of your old ballet slippers.


Urbanites and fashionistas unite with a bold palette that adds just the right amount of drama.

Potting Shed

A natural, crisp palette to evoke happiness, sunshine and warmth.

  • Catnap Catnap

    A spot in the sun: warm, buttery mid-toned yellow.

  • Grass Stain Grass Stain

    Fresh, spring-time green with hints of yellow.

  • Hyacinth Hyacinth

    Not lilac, not plum: the earliest purple of spring.

  • Nest Nest

    Feathery, twiggy. A mid-tone neutral that's understated, but not bland.

  • Peony Peony

    A floral pink for bright, summery spaces.

  • Pool Pool

    Cool off with this watery aqua-marine.


To keep things simple, we offer two whites: one warm, one bright. 

  • Cuddle Cuddle

    A warmer, softer white. 

  • Whisper Whisper

    A bright, crisp and clean white. 

  • white primer white primer

    great for sealing interior plaster and drywall before painting.

How to Use the Palettes

Mix and match colors from our palettes to liven up a softer space or tone down a bold room.

A Rule of Thumb: Cool, deep colors recede and can make a room feel larger, particularly when used on one wall. Warm colors wrapped on walls and ceiling tend to make one feel comforted and cozy.

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