Perfect color combinations without the stress.

We've created these ready-made packages to make choosing colors even easier for you.

The rooms featured have been among our most popular with color combinations that are tried and true. The packages contain all the paint you will need to achieve the same look in your own home. The right colors in the right finishes - all just one click away.


Bold and luxurious Ballgown can add drama to any space, especially when paired with Emma in an adjoining space.  Use Whisper to anchor the two colors and add touches of golds for the perfect jewel-...

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Lulu's Room

Puddle becomes sweet and girly when paired with Whisper and Touch. Put your own twist on Lulu's Room using this kit as your starting point. room designed by Lisa Teague Studios (email for a design ...

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Serene Bedroom

Pebble pairs nicely with Whisper to create a soft, elegant retreat. Put your own twist on Serene Bedroom by using this kit as your starting point. room designed by Lisa Teague Studios (email for a ...

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Ella's Room

Pair Bee, our soft and buttery yellow, with Bloom, our bright pink with citrus hints to create this special room. Ella's Room kit contains: 1 gallon of Bee (walls) 1 gallon of Bloom (accent color ...

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Colorful Stairs Kit

a kit with everything you need to make your stairs as unique as Lisa's, as seen in Country Living.  *** This kit includes: hand-mixed custom glazes in five colors step by step instruction...

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Turner's Room

Mist and Whisper: the perfect combo for a gender-neutral, contemplative space. Putyour own twist on Turner's Room using this kit as your starting point. room designed by Lisa Teague Studios (email ...

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Bright, Happy Office

Peony energizes a space when used on one wall opposite the bright white of Whisper. Small touches of our orange, Jump, break up the space. Put your own twist on Bright, Happy Office by using this k...

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Coastal Living Room

Sea Glass and Whisper work together to create a subtle but beautiful space, and the touch of Splash creates contrast and interest. Put your own twist on Coastal Living Room by using this kit as you...

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Aidan's Room

Puddle paired with the neutral Puff creates a unique and fun space. For more accents, try painting a piece of furniture with Jump. Put your own twist on Aidan's Room using this kit as your starting...

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White Retreat

Create a serene, white retreat by pairing our two whites together.  Whisper on the walls with our warmer white, Cuddle, on the trim creates the perfect backdrop of neutral accessories or those pack...

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Get a Custom Designer Room

Need some help putting it all together? Our very own Lisa Teague will bring her expertise in design, color and awesomeness to create a custom-designed room just for you.

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