Quiet Nursery Collection

Take the guesswork out of nursery design with four distinct palettes expertly designed to create beautiful, safe spaces for your little loved ones.


Inspire sweet dreams with these soft, quiet colors designed to create subtle, comforting spaces.

  • Breathe Breathe

    A cool, grey blue, calming and serene.

  • Mist Mist

    Soft gray with just a hint of color.

  • Wisp Wisp

    A soft dove gray with a hint of purple.

  • Touch Touch

    A subtle, soft, dusty pink.

  • Puff Puff

    A natural neutral.

  • Melt Melt

    A buttery soft yellow.


Wake up to happy mornings with medium toned colors that manage to provide vibrancy while still feeling subtle.

  • Perch Perch

    A natural woody color perfect for future nature lovers.

  • Sprig Sprig

    A happy green for happy spaces.. with just a hint of yellow.

  • Petal Petal

    Sweet, pretty, classic.. the perfect soft tone for your little lady's space.

  • Bee Bee

    A warm yellow for cheery spaces (and it's super-washable!).

  • Pond Pond

    A blue-green for the little nature lovers in your life.

  • Pout Pout

    A soft blue perfect for lullabies and contented yawns.


Laugh, learn and grow with bright colors full of pop and pizzazz.

  • Bloom Bloom

    A pink that packs a punch with hints of orange and citrus.

  • Buzz Buzz

    A pop of this bright yellow is sure to inspire creativity and laughter.

  • Chirp Chirp

    A perfect blue for imagining sea creatures, far away places and adventures to come... 

  • Jump Jump

    A bright orange for cheery spaces. 

  • Peep Peep

    The perfect bright green for a special freshness.

  • Twirl Twirl

    A purple perfect for playing dress up or having tea parties.


Dial things up a notch with rich, deep colors designed to give a modern flair to baby's room.

  • Bolt Bolt

    A deep blue for statement walls or furniture. 

  • Puddle Puddle

    A deep and modern brown. (We love it with Bloom and Buzz!)

  • Shout Shout

    A deep, bold red with a hint of rust.

  • Splash Splash

    A bright turquoise perfect for painting the crib or an accent wall.

  • Stomp Stomp

    Deep and punchy purple.


To keep things simple, we offer two whites: one warm, one bright. 

  • Cuddle Cuddle

    A warmer, softer white. 

  • Whisper Whisper

    A bright, crisp and clean white. 

  • white primer white primer

    great for sealing interior plaster and drywall before painting.

How to Use the Palettes

Mix and match colors from our palettes to liven up a softer space or tone down a bold room.

A Rule of Thumb: Cool, deep colors recede and can make a room feel larger, particularly when used on one wall. Warm colors wrapped on walls and ceiling tend to make one feel comforted and cozy.

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