What makes Quiet Nursery Paints unique?


Aside from the fact that the line was expertly designed by color experts specifically for children's spaces, it also has the added benefit of being no VOC, odorless, and solvent-free.  As opposed to conventional paints which contain solvents that cause irritation and serious health problems, Quiet Nursery has none.  Even paints marked as “low VOC” or “zero VOC” can still contain high quantities of these toxic chemicals.  Quiet Nursery is made by the only paint manufacturer offering water based, solvent-free paints.  You get the best of both worlds: a designer look and a healthy space. 

  What makes it green? 


The Quiet Nursery consists of paints that eliminate the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are odorless and contribute to better indoor air quality.  What makes it green is really what goes into the paint and more importantly what stays out.  

The paint is made up of: 
water, natural plus non-toxic manufactured binders, non-toxic pigments, natural mineral fillers such as limestone and clays, non-toxic thickeners such as wood cellulose, food grade non-toxic white pigment, levellers, and waxes.  

More importantly our paint dose not contain:
solvents, turpentine, ethereal oils, VOC'S glycols, coalescents, animal products, heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, or mercury, formaldehyde, vinyl chloride, APEOs, or Acryllic Softeners. 

  And organic? 

All Quiet Nursery products are free of pesticides, free of herbicides and entirely non-toxic.

  How do the palettes work?

Quiet Nursery is made up of four palettes: Sleep, Wake, Play and Punch.  The Sleep palette is the softest palette, meant to create subtle and serene spaces.  It consists of breathe, touch, melt, wisp, puff, and mist; quiet colors which look lovely together.  Sleep creates spaces which encourage sweet dreams.  Wake is our mid-tone palette consisting of slightly brighter colors which have more of an impact but still create soft spaces.  Wake consists of pond, petal. sprout, perch, bee and pout... subtle colors for happy mornings.  The Play palette is made up of our most pigmented colors: buzz, bloom, peep. chirp, twirl and jump.  Play is meant for bright spaces to promote active thinking, learning and creativity.  And finally the Pop palette is made up of deep color to create a little drama or modern twist to your nursery. It consists of puddle, bolt, shout and stomp.

  What about white?

Quiet Nursery offers two white options: whisper and sprinkle.  Over the years, after hundreds of color consultations, we found we really only ever use two: a warm white or a crisp clean white depending on the intended mood of the room.  Whisper is a warm white that will pair nicely with the sleep and wake palette, creating a softer effect.  Sprinkle is a crisp, clean white which pairs nicely with either wake or play to create a sharper line and a bolder contrast. 

  Can I mix colors from different palettes?

Of course! The palettes have been designed to work together.  You may want a soft wall in your space and therefore choose a color from the sleep palette, but you may decide you want to liven up the space with some bolder colors from either the wake or play palette – go for it!  A rule of thumb, if you go bold on the walls, play down the accents (pillows, bedding, etc) with softer colors.  And vice versa, if you have a soft wall finish, let your imagine run wild with accessories!  For ideas and suggested uses of the palettes, see our gallery! 

  What is the difference between Eggshell and Satin finishes? 

Eggshell gives a soft sheen, washable finish and is recommended for all walls and ceilings.  In fact, your order will default to Eggshell finish when you add a paint to your basket.  We do offer a satin finish as well and recommend this finish for woodwork or painted furniture.  The Satin finish has more sheen to it and provides a nice contrast to the eggshell when used on trim.  

  Are there any differences in application techniques from typical paint?

Not really, Quiet Nursery paints act very similar to other paints you have probably used in the past.  Surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free from grease. If in doubt clean with soap and rinse well. Remove all soft, dusty and loose material and abrade lightly to a feathered edge and to provide a key.

  What about coverage?

Eggshell: Varies with porosity, but on hard non-porous surfaces 1 gallon will cover approximately 560 Sq Ft per coat.  1 quart will cover approximately 140 Sq Ft per coat.
Satin: Varies with porosity, but on smooth, non porous surfaces 1 gallon will cover approximately 430 Sq Ft per coat.  1 quart will cover approximately 110 Sq Ft per coat.

  What's up with your packaging? 

Quiet Nursery is proud to use recycled/recyclable 1 gallon cans and quarts made from all recycled materials such as old car tired (which give them their unique black color).  We also use only recycled/recyclable cardboard boxes for shipping. 

Energy usage is kept to a minimum.