Organic & Non-Toxic

Safe for your little one and the planet.

Completely Solvent and Toxin Free

Aside from the fact that the line was expertly designed by color experts specifically for children's spaces, it also has the added benefit of being no VOC, odorless, and solvent-free. As opposed to conventional paints which contain solvents that cause irritation and serious health problems, Quiet Nursery has none. Even paints marked as “low VOC” or “zero VOC” can still contain high quantities of these toxic chemicals.

Quiet Nursery is made by the only paint manufacturer offering water based, solvent-free paints. You get the best of both worlds: a designer look and a healthy space.

What makes it green?

The Quiet Nursery consists of paints that eliminate the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are odorless and contribute to better indoor air quality. What makes it green is really what goes into the paint and more importantly what stays out.

The paint is made up of:

water, natural plus non-toxic manufactured binders, non-toxic pigments, natural mineral fillers such as limestone and clays, non-toxic thickeners such as wood cellulose, food grade non-toxic white pigment, levellers, and waxes.

More importantly our paint does not contain:

solvents, turpentine, ethereal oils, VOC'S glycols, coalescents, animal products, heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, or mercury, formaldehyde, vinyl chloride, APEOs, or Acryllic Softeners.

All Quiet Nursery products are free of pesticides, free of herbicides and entirely non-toxic.


Quiet Nursery is proud to use recycled/recyclable one-gallon cans and quarts made from all recycled materials such as old car tires (which give them their unique black color). We also use only recycled/recyclable cardboard boxes for shipping. Energy usage is kept to a minimum.