About Quiet Home Paints

Stocking Our Paints

We are currently selecting baby boutiques and home design stores to stock our paint. Think you are a good fit?  We'd love to hear from you.  We work hard to make all partnerships mutually beneficial and are open to all ideas.  Contact us for stockist pricing.

What You Get:

Imagine your wonderful products displayed beautifully in front of an organic, clean, colorful wall in a color specifically designed for the very products you are looking to sell. We encourage (but don't demand) the painting of a demo wall in one of our colors (on us!), even a color made specifically for you!  In addition all paints will arrive to your store ready to sell.  Choose a few colors, or stock them all - there is no shelf life to worry about.   While it is paint, each container is beautiful and sustainable.  You will also be mentioned on our website, blog, social media channels.  Selling points to your customer:

  • Truly safe paint products (NO VOCs or toxins, odorless, vegan, etc).
  • Easy to use palettes which make picking colors easy.
  • The ability to match other products from your store with paint and leave with all of it that day! 

What We Get:

It is an important time for Quiet Home Paints. Our primary goal is to increase knowledge about the importance of using a safe paint and get our name out there.. As a new product it is vital to our success that our paint is both seen and talked about… and equally important that it is done so in collaboration with individuals and companies whom we respect.

Partnership Options

We love to work WITH our stockists.  Let's plan a workshop where Andi and Lisa teach a DIY project using our paint and incorporating your products as well.  Let's join forces to reach new markets.  Let's make new colors to work with your products for your catalog.  The options are endless and we want to work with you!  



Want to be involved, but don't have the space to stock our paint?  Talk to us about our iPad application which can be installed in your store!